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  • danl08 danl08 Oct 27, 2007 4:47 PM Flag

    nothin says confidence in your company like....

    Asked and answered already, many times.

    I am in the industry and know of this company and how they work. They are very minor players, but not well respected by anyone. They continue to deceive everyone and lie about their prospects and products to the general public. The bottom line is that I don't like what they do or how they do it. There are plenty of good companies in the education space who do good things and are also good businesses to invest in. They are deserving of your attention and investment. PCS is not.
    I started posting here after I noticed some of the initial nonsense about the SA deal and started to find patterns in their press and trading which I found disturbing. They would put out press releases touting a product or order when the resulting business was almost inconsequential. You would then see a spike in the price, the directors dumping stock and then reloading when the price went back down. While none of this is necessarily illegal I find it to be unethical. I just expect better from companies in the space I work in.

    This company has never posted a profit, never had sales over $3.5MM or made a significant impact anywhere. Believing that this company could suddenly post $2 EPS or $500MM in revenue is beyond fiction, its a fairy tale. I have pointed out that in order for this company to have a $2 EPS they woudl have to have a profit of $170MM! The revenue of the company for its entire history isn't even half of this figure. If you truly believe that this is even a possibility, then you have very little understanding of business in general or the way the education market specifically works.

    I'm sure you believe that this has some possibility of happening because you either work there or you know Tony, but for people making investment decisions they deserve to know the truth about this company and what its true prospects are.