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  • ally3647 ally3647 Nov 30, 2007 1:31 AM Flag

    If PCSV didnt participate in the Rally...

    Actually that is not true, but that's my opinion. Now, who's the rookie. The one who knows that a one day jump isn't a lost buying opportunity, or the guy who thinks it is?

    Btw Train, oops, I mean mason, look at an overlay of the nasdaq composite versus pcsv. you WILL see corelation, my little short seller plunge protection team member.

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    • Here's a chart for you.

      Some correlation. Anyone who thinks this stock moves with the broader market cannot be taken seriously. For months, you feel the need to bash the longs--that's fine, but hardly productive.

      200% return in 1 year is hard to argue with. Yet you "haters" always find something to whine about.

      This is a speculative play. If the deal we've been waiting on fails to materialize, this could be a 50 cent company. If it goes through, maybe, 3 dollars or more. That's a decent risk/reward.

      When you factor in how close they must have been to make that original press release in march, i think it's safe to say that there is something "there."

      I think it's more likely a question of when, rather than if. So perhaps we'll see lower prices? But it would probably be a boon for longer term investors.

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      • And here is a more honest (and legible) chart for you:

        Who can take you seriously when you cut and paste charts that say nothing, which you then interpret in your silly way? Tell you what, if you think you can trade against the grain, I'll keep quiet when the bear market becomes official and just watch you squirm.

      • "200% return in 1 year is hard to argue with. Yet you "haters" always find something to whine about."

        Thats only true if you bought at the bottom and sold at the top. Based on volume most people did not get in at the bottom of this one. So your argument is specious at best. You can arbitrarily pick any two points in time for most stocks and show a decent return. The real issue is that this company out very misleading information and the profited by having people run up the price. They say there are lies, damn lies and statistics. You've managed to pick the exact small bit of information which you think shows how great this company is. The point most of us have been making all along is that the price of this stock has been manipulated for some time now and that it has no correlation to the performance either long or short term. Why is this company holding above $1 when there is now clearly NO CONTRACT with SA or anyone else? You bought at .50c and sold at $3....congratulations to you. Most people though got screwed while the management of this company sold their options for enormous profit.

        While you're looking at those charts you might want to look at the performance of the company. Any thoughts on that?

    • Ally
      I mean Allison
      what is your point