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  • thepro12385 thepro12385 Feb 22, 2008 7:07 PM Flag

    TO PCS

    I am not a stockholder,I don't invest in penny stocks.However, I have a close friend who is in against my advice.

    As a result I have followed the stock and message boards for approx. one year.

    It seems you refuse to answer legitimate questions about company progress.

    1You need to adress stockholder's concerns.

    However,more disturbing is that you allow these sub-morons(I use sub b/c I have no wish to give morons a bad name) to cite irrelevant news articles and inoperable websites to support the proposition that a contract is imminent.

    Don't you see they are doing you more PR damage than Carl Rove could ever do in his worst smear campaign.

    Really ,after a year a website that has no links.You can not buy product ,you can't find anything. This what you point prospective clients to? and actually disclose it to you shareholders? You purport to be proficient in science and technology and to provide technical support to pcsv ME and the best you can do is produce a website that doesn't work?

    This is more than embarrasing,it is downright humiliating.If I was associated with this I think I would undergo drastic plastic surgery,grow a beard, cover-up with a burqa ,and try to hide in the same cave bin-laden found.

    Work hard?You need to work smart.Stop whatever you are doing get this website up and running otherwise you will never attract new clients or new shareholders.

    Further,if these sub-morons work for you ,you need to fire them (I don't mean terminate ,set them on fire and through them out)

    Perhaps then you can regain some credibility.

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    • you answered your own questions
      we all lost our a@#$ here
      they won't respond and if you call them you will get more circular answers.
      I too have lost faith in company and have to agree with the naysayers

      • 1 Reply to mason82300
      • second, you have to remember this is a $3M company. They don't have the ability to put quality marketing materials together because they do not have the staff to do this.
        This has been one of my points since the beginning of this fiasco: companies do not go from $3M to $1B in sales. The first big plateau is $10M and then $100M after that. If anyone gave them a contract of that size it would kill them. Certain people would make a killing, but the company would not be able to survive growth of that magnitude that quickly. And you can be certain the King and everyone in SA knows that as well.