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  • danl08 danl08 Apr 4, 2008 1:27 PM Flag

    Why Dan Why Dan do you continue to post

    I post because I love seeing you and your 5-10 screen names go crazy. Why do you care so much? If I'm so wrong and you're so scary right, then whats the difference what I post. But, if you're still talking out of your a$$ then you should be concerned that I keep calling you out and showing everyone with your own words that you HAVE NO IDEA. If that bothers you, tough. You've been screaming since last spring that it was a DONE DEAL and we are now in April and it looks like you are the FOOL.

    "One more question idiot WHY IS THE STOCK HOLDING UP SO WELL"

    Thats easy.... because idiots like you keep propping it up in hopes that you can put out more misinformation and start a rally so you can get your money back. I'm guessing you were lied to as well and now you have to stay in until the bloody end to try to get yours. Good luck

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    • My insiders tell the truth
      They also share with me II
      Sorry you don't have the same relationships
      The doc's I keep reviewing say hold on
      It is all political
      Thanks again for low priced shares

      • 1 Reply to pcsvtrain
      • LOL
        assume CEO or BOD leaking info
        assume you saw some doc's, '''cough, cough, BOGUS
        assume you visited embassy
        assume politics
        assume you butt plug Rafai and Prince nightly
        assume you are 4th wife of Prince

        there will be no deal

        Fact, When is the King retiring, I believe soon
        MOE & Prince can't get it done
        Then it is DEAD

        We all know the same crap you do
        Here is a few brain teasers (bounce this off the person showing you so called papers)
        since you know so much, why have all long time large share holders bailed and
        why are there no large SA share holders and
        why do insiders keep selling at low prices
        why is there no word
        why is there no money in the bank
        why are they barely surviving financially
        why are there simply no contracts in general
        why do people keep misleading & lying to them

        very, very weak product