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  • detroitdominates detroitdominates Jan 15, 2009 12:39 AM Flag

    Arab News

    The company's PR last month stated that PCS had received orders for the first 50 schools. This article states that the ministry has selected 50 secondary schools to impliment the program. It also says that the program is in it's infancy. Sounds like just the beginning...I'm in.

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    • There are no doubt convenient coincidences. But that's what has always pissed so many of us off over the years. Without companies being named by KSA, or PCSVPOS putting out announcements that have some substance the cloud of uncertainty and lack of credibility will persist. Combined those amount to little/no buying support and a stagnant stock price that can move substantially (percentage wise) with a 500 share order with gigantic bid/ask spreads since the MMs are disinterested.