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  • rolman99 rolman99 Sep 9, 2008 9:14 AM Flag

    someone please explain...

    Could someone please shed some light on why this stock is down on a day when the Dow is up almost 300 points!!! I just don’t understand. The fundamentals look good for this company, good earnings, very low PE, participating in a robust business (wind), and even pays out a quarterly dividend. Yet a couple of other stocks I track that are pigs, go up.
    What am I missing? or is it simply some manipulation. I swear, it has gotten next to impossible to invest anymore in the stock market without being a natual born crook, or having a PHD in scamming. nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing, and i mean nothing can be trusted anymore.

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    • We are entering into a period not unlike 1929 to 1933. Right now we are in the early months of 1930. There will be other shoes to drop soon. Then, revenues for companies like TRN will begin to decline over the next several years until we hit bottom, i.e. 1933. That will be the time to buy, not now.

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      • 1929 so one example today the world and markets are recorded real time with much more imput.we will see the correction's needed things will be fixed.have the houses gone away.the cause was purposeful lowering of the the table is scrambled somehow everything will find where it belongs,might take a while but it will.

      • what's up is down and what's down is up. This market is very apt to fall further- this stock has no reason not to fluxuate like all the rest. My holdings are the worst this week than they have been in 2yrs and I have a well rounded group of stocks! The last 2 weeks are effin scary. Bye bye any profits -hold your ass and hunker down
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      • I think that is a short'spipe dream...
        This stock is 15-20% short so there are plenty of people who want this to go lower.

        Remember the market is fickle, sheepish, and follows momentum. Positive or negative momentum is hard to turn around. When things are going lower, people think the world will end. In a bull market people think that everything is gonna go grow forever. Be logical there are opportunities that come along all the time. Just remember this negative momentum is not just going to go away. Be careful. Trade if anything. Look more longterm once this tests a bottom.

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