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  • serpentine290 serpentine290 Jul 2, 2009 10:16 AM Flag

    Railroads picking up

    You are correct. According to this mornings jobs numbers, railroad car sales are set to explode as hoardes of 21st century hobos take to the rails in search of a job that pays a living wage. Things are worse than our government will admit. Do you know that 46% of all money expended by the Federal Government this year is borrowed? Imagine that 46%. Why, and how long can that continue. Beware of rosy predictions of green shoots in the economy and a market turnaround. Especially beware of talking heads who pump stocks and then sell into small money raillies. Do not let big money take your money!!!!!!!

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    • Serpentine,
      Not sure I share your pessimism completely but you make strong well reasoned points. Where (and why) are you parking your assets these days? All cash? Gold or other commodities? Bonds? I am about 50% equities (lots of REITs, a very risky proposition but with potentially huge rewards)and the rest split between cash and bonds. Personally I don't see TRN soaring nor do I see it at $8 but who knows for sure.

      What do you do for a living? Full time trader or working person?


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      • Hello Ken. I have about 50-60% in stocks, mostly mutuals. I have been buying emerging markets and asia markets. I own TRN, PBCT and UPS as individual stocks. PBCT is frustrating because they sit on a huge pile of cash but are paying a 4% divi and I wait for some price appreciation hopefully they get bought. UPS speaks for itself. These are not times that make anyone feel like a genius. Honestly, for the next couple years the US economy could lag the rest of the world, in large part because 46% of all Federal Spending in 2009 is borrowed money and there is no end in sight. Health care, the Medicare and Social Security Ponzi schemes, the lack of faith in US financial markets all seem to conspire against great growth going forward. I am a building contractor by trade and play markets instead of going to a casino!!!!

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