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  • crayzcanadian4u crayzcanadian4u Mar 6, 2008 11:04 AM Flag

    Hey TikiGal from IHUB ...

    Again Cindy.. your response tells me that clearly you have no idea what i'm talking about.. go talk to your buddy Loanstew and then maybe we can chat.. ask him about his association with a certain Biometrics company.. then ask him about certain cease and decist orders (that he had prior knowledge to) that were issued by that certain biometrics company. Ask him about how certain links to CEO/CFO presentations & interviews in which the CEO made claims of projected $10 million in revenues in 2006 and $10 million in revenues in 2007 from ONE SINGLE PRODUCT in 2007 (with break even in Q1 07) have all of a sudden been corrupted...Seems like a certain group of people do not want that information to still be available. Hmmm.. I wonder why?? Could it be that in actual fact that same biometrics company has NEVER realized even $2M in revenues and has lost over $5M for three consecutive years running?? I am not on a quest to uncover evil.. evil came to my front door and I intend to take every action within my power to defend myself.