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  • duckhuntress3 duckhuntress3 Mar 7, 2008 10:52 AM Flag

    Is this the guy that is suppose to be me???

    Damn - it sure sounds like me!!!
    Posted by: GoldenStar
    In reply to: fourkids_9pets who wrote msg# 119646
    Date:3/7/2008 9:41:25 AM
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    You got Punked by Andrew Beyer! and you are not going to hold him accountable? He had you posting the cost was too great to change the officers and directors name at the Nevada SOS when it actually only costs $125.00 to make that change?

    The Nevada sos still shows Peacock as the CEO and according to the Nevada SOS it costs a mere $125.00 to change the name to Hunsaker or any other name they wish, it has been Months since the Acquisition of Aero and many months since the "PR'D" that Hunsaker was the CEO........but according to the state where AERP is incorporated Hunsaker does not even exist and they recognize Peacock as the man in charge!

    I think Andrew Beyer owes you a huge apology 4kids, it must be embarrassing to come on here and repost information the IR guy Andrew Beyer gave you only to find it was not even close to the truth, you should be more careful in the future about posting things an IR guy tells you over the phone, you see he can simply deny ever telling you he ever stated such things, he can simply say that you missunderstood him! That is why getting you r DD from the IR guy will come back to haunt you every time, it is the worst form of DD and you cant trust what they tell you is the truth and nor can they be held accountable for that information, they can simply say they never said it and you cant prove they said it.

    Next time you talk to andrew tell him to tell his boss to ungag the transfer agent and post the current share structure.

    All investors or potential investors should have access to that basic information, all good companies never use Gagged Transfer Agents there is NEVER,EVER a good reason to have a Gagged Transfer Agent, when a compay does have one it shows they are up to no good and in the business of selling shares and diluting stocks which results in massive PPS losses and shareholder losses like you have witnessed here, I am surprised that a few here keep telling everyone to call IR all the time, if the company cant print it as a fact in a PR or print Historical statements in PRs like numbers for sales and revenues to date then that is very suspect in my opinion, enough coddling and hand holding of the IR guy who appears to be giving out false and misleading information to a few people here who are reposting that false information, of course we have no way of knowing if IR did state such things, it is all just posts on a message board with nothing to substantiate the IR guy even spoke to these people.

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    • Hey, Ice
      A quick scan of 4kids posts on Yahoo SONS board should answer a few of those questions. No she is not Andrew Beyer. And unless she is doing some sort of long distance marriage thing from Chelmford she is not married to him either. I know quite a bit about her with just an hour of digging - but I will not post it or send it to you - I do believe even though people can be total a$$holes their private lives shouldn't be compromised. She has a family - respect that part at least.

      What I might suggest is that 4kids go over to the RB SEIH (SIVC) board and start reading posts there. Around the time I was posting before I was ganged TOSed of the RB boards. I believe there are a number of TOUTS that had many many conversations with Andrew Beyer. It involves all the same players - Shane Traveller, Steven Peacock, Bickel etc etc. The end result was NOT good and I believe a number of them mention it.
      4kids has been around the boards for almost 8 years. She knows what she is doing - at least in the posting area. As far as her record on investments - YIKES! Pretty pretty sad.

      I do think she is being compensated though. By who? Could be any of the ones you suggested - Andrew, EquityDigest, Subway...or any number of other organizations that were paid to promote.
      As you know there is quite an IHUB underground where offers are made for pumping. I have sent the few that came my way to Cameron at Finra as well as the SEC officers in charge of the applicable state the stock was located.

      4kids won't be screaming "uncle" any time soon - she has way too much experience for that. Let her dig her own grave. Document, document, document. Repeated acts of fraud will carry more weight than isolated acts IMO. Lets see what happens.

    • no to all of them

      as odd as this may seem to you
      and the *crews* that manipulate
      the crap out of the pps on
      american companies

      i am exactly what i say i am
      an investor -- who did basic
      dd on aero .. in dec of 2006
      and in early jan of 2007 --

      and just like some other of my
      selective pennies -- <dpdw and frpt>
      what i discovered about aero ..
      had me interested enough to take a
      stake in the company -- the only way
      to do it was via fccn .. which is
      exactly what i did .. and oddly
      enough as fccn did what they were
      hired to do .. i added more shares

      i have over 750 tax lots on aero
      that cover a time frame from jan of
      2007 to feb of 2008 ..

      i'm old fashioned .. in this world
      of the cramer rants and folks who have
      the attention span of a gnat .. i have
      always dca'd my buys .. and as i've
      repeatedly posted for the *stupid*
      among us .. i have a time frame of
      3 to 5 years on all of my stocks --
      not just the pennies .. imagine that

      so you see .. it makes it very easy
      to refute all of the bs -- you
      truly crappy people -- with your utter
      lack of values and conscience .. pull
      on those who don't know the process --
      that is what i refer to as *preying*
      on some with your posts .. disgraceful

      what i am guilty of .. is creating an
      alternative venue .. where longs can
      share DD and post to their heart's
      content <most of which never get's
      put on ihub> -- i stand by my

      convictions in this small american
      company that i believe has the ability

      to become best of breed in their sector

      -- but it's not going to happen next week which is why i've never understood
      the ihub concept of someone actually
      owning shares/taking a stake in a
      company .. being called a pumper

      the rest of the world calls us investors
      we have a lot of longs .. which is why shares are so hard to come by
      and why we are going thru this little
      exercise right now .. sorry we aren't
      selling them ... some still keep adding

      my best weapon against you scum
      is to educate others on the
      time frame and the process invloved
      which i now do every chance i can

      imo you are the liar and absolutely
      foul in your actions and those who you
      are associated with are guilty of
      either frontloading shares .. running
      the pump <and/or subsequent dump> getting compensated by crooked ir firms <ihub is littered with those> and of course folks who spend all day yammering on about charts on the
      pinks -- neglecting to inform folks that
      certain MM's *paint* said charts via
      their actions .. every damn day of the week .. to say nothing of the *crews*
      who do a form of economic terrorism
      via their shorting and NSS --that
      should make *homeland security* sit
      up and take notice ..

      and yes i call ir .. big deal .. i've also called dealers and distributors ..
      it's called ongoing and consistent DD

      something most investors are wont to do

      i do so love the logic that promoters
      exist but not folks paid to bash
      companies .. or manipulate the pps
      for whomever ... take your pick

      all jmo

    • Who told you this Crazy???

      "Anyway, AERO's margins have consistently been above 50%.. seasonality bring their margins down in the winter to the 50's.. with markdowns, promos etc.. but in the Spring they rock back up above 60% which is sweeeet."

      Where is that documented?

    • One minor correction to my previous post.. if you have an increase in your cash position.. and an increase in payables.. you do have cash flow growth.. but IT IS NOT simulated or fudged.. it is what it is.. And companies that practice good asset management strive to optimize cash or other assets where possible.. you postiviely absolutely want to take FULL advantage of your payables within the limits of your PO or agreements with vendors. Keeping cash or term investments on the side earning interest until payables come due is just prudent cash management. Nothing fudged about it.

    • Loanstew.. I'm sorry, but you are going to have to explain these comments of yours..

      "See the pattern there shows growth, real movement towards profitability. Now, numbers can be fudged to simulate this kind of growth. Specifically with A/P numbers. If the company claims a huge growth in cash position, but hasn't paid its bills, what good is that? You need to see the following:"

      What on God's green earth are you talking about here Loan? You seguay from talking about revenue growth to talking about payables and cash position..And how growth can be simulated.. Can you explain to me how they are related?? LOL Sheesh. How about NOT! And if somebody has a large cash position, and the offset is payables then there IS NO simulated growth Loan.. cash flow is NEUTRAL.. and will be presented as such on the cash flow statement. What's more, a company should be applauded for managing their cash in this manner.. after all, they gain interest from Cash on Hand.. as opposed to when it goes out the door to paying down their payables. Now, if they don't have the cash on hand to pay the bills, that's a different story, but that wasn't your example.

      WOW. Bus 101 dude, not brain surgery.

    • I found it!!! Below is an excerpt from your post.. OMG this is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! Who's on first??!?! LOLOL

      Revenue, Margin & Liquidity discussion by Loanstew..

      "As for increasing sales, I will bring up two examples. One is a company that had 157K in revenues in the first quarter of the year, and then 460K in the second quarter. But losses went from 279K to 884K. So in gaining 303K in revenues, which is almost a 200% growth, they spent an additional 605K. Essentially they spent 2 extra bucks to make 1 in revenue. Is that good? I say no. Because you're just digging a deeper hole.
      Now, take a company with, say, 300K in revenues for a quarter and 800K in losses, and then follow it up with 400K in revenues, and 500K in losses. Sure, the growth was only 33%. But the losses were DOWN by 37%. If that kind of growth were to happen for the next two quarters, you'd see about 530K in revenues and 315K in losses, then about 710K in revenues and about 200K in losses. See the pattern there shows growth, real movement towards profitability. Now, numbers can be fudged to simulate this kind of growth. Specifically with A/P numbers. If the company claims a huge growth in cash position, but hasn't paid its bills, what good is that? You need to see the following:
      1.Growth in revenues.
      2.Drops in losses.
      3.Drop in A/P amount.
      4.Drop in A/R amount. (Means you're collecting what you sell)
      5.Low increase of shares."

      LOLOLOLOL.. Seriously loan you crack me up. You know absolutley NOTHING about margins or liquidity which is why it's so painfully funny when you play make believe. LOL

      If you reeeeally want to talk about horrendous margins, then let's talk about Sequiam.. there's are just a tad bit over 20%.. consistent with them being primarily a re-seller.. after all, it was the company itself that made this statement "We don't make everything we sell, but we do make it Biometric".. I may have paraphrased that quote a bit there but you get my point.

      Anyway, AERO's margins have consistently been above 50%.. seasonality bring their margins down in the winter to the 50's.. with markdowns, promos etc.. but in the Spring they rock back up above 60% which is sweeeet.

      Like I said Loan.. I love it when you post.. if I were you I would take heed of Honest Abe's advice..

      "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"

    • I would be willing to bet my life savings that AERP will see profitability long before Sequiam ever does.. In fact, it is my very strong opinion that Sequiam will NEVER EVER achieve profitability.. I'll even go one step further and state that IMO it was never intended to do so.

    • Loanstew.. I have used this current handle for many many years.. it dates back to when I first opened my yahoo account.. I see no reason to change it now.. But since you're apparently in the mood to hurl rocks in that glass house of yours.. please do tell us why do you choose to use one ID on IHUB (Loanstew) and another on Raging Bull (Gribbit)??

      You are very right though about expressing one's opinion on a message board. This is a right that has been upheld in the court of law countless times.. the first amendment is a tough hurdle to overcome for those who claim defamation.. In fact, in a case such as we are dicussing, one would have to prove malice.. which is clearly not existent in this case.. I can state unequivocally that all of my posts have been in good faith.. in other words they were based on the information I had available to me at the time and I believed them to be true.. In the event that I had any doubt about what I was posting, I expressly stated the post to be in my OPINION.. although given the context they were in i.e. being on a stock message board, opinion is implied and it is not necessary to state IMO. Nevertheless I think you need to watch what YOU say.. NEVER have I EVER accused ANYBODY of criminal acts.. I have stated that it is my opinion that certain things could happen.. Which is why you as well as Sequiam's attorney's should take some time to go back through my posts and really read what they say.. that could have prevented all of this most certainly.. As my attorney pointed out to Sequiam's attorney verbally and in our responsive letter.

      Loanstew.. I didn't say you were eliminating anything..but things are definitely being eliminated.. In fact, just last week the link to a CEO interview in November 2006 was mysteriously corrupted i.e. it was removed from storage on the Eric David and Sons website.. who would do such a thing? Not that it matters so much because I have the full text of the interview and we can certainly subpoena Eric David and Sons for their records.. and ask them when changes were request.. why the request was made etc.. All this will come out in court if necessary. In any event, while I doubt you are eliminating anything you are certainly hiding.. of that there is no denial..that's just the coward that you are..tough behind your anonymous screen name but get you answering some questions in a court of law and I bet you'll sing (or cry) like a baby..LOL.. You'll find that privacy which you so cherish will be invaded should this matter find its way to court. I will GUARANTEE you that.

      Anyway, I think it's time for iggy to you. You are hardly worth my time. I just wanted to give you fair warning of what will go down should certain events transpire.

    • Do you have a " huge belly laugh" when you look at your account balance on AERP??
      Which "member" group did you make it to??? Are you TODD?? Did you double double down since these 10/2/2007 numbers??
      Dind't they also keep a shareholder list for Cyberkey?? Did you make the Top Group in that list too?

      Posted by: pietro
      In reply to: nellocat1 who wrote msg# 79754

      Date:10/2/2007 10:53:02 AM
      Post #of 79945

      IHUB Share Count FCCN/AERO
      TOTAL 343,448,854
      1 Tmbyelpoc group 27,850,000
      2 Fedex11 and Family 24,500,000
      3 Pietro-Family & Friends 23,000,000
      4 nellocat1 21,000,000
      5 Pietro 11,000,000
      6 fourkids_9pets 10,000,000
      7 capptonron 10,000,000
      8 Deanstock 9,800,000
      9 heyyou 8,002,000
      10 mrdutch 7,250,000
      11 Millman 6,551,500
      12 oregon 1 5,637,000
      13 BM & Associates 5,432,000
      <b>14 Toddwho2 5,116,000</b>
      15 NewToTheGame and Family 4,845,452
      16 WCI 4,700,000
      17 Digitalj 4,250,000
      18 Goingforgold 4,080,000
      19 Earthly Investor and Friends 4,047,900
      20 The Trader 4,027,159
      21 Friends of Psykotik1 4,000,000
      22 dkdk 4,000,000
      23 Nascar Joe 3,675,000
      24 Highflying 3,600,000
      25 Nhred and company 3,000,000
      26 Meouco63 2.755.756
      27 t-call 2,650,000
      28 wrkmg 2,600,000
      29 DRWonderful 2,500,000
      30 Spark 2,500,000
      31 DMOST 2,500,000
      32 Waeschi and Friends 2,450,000
      33 HokieHead 2,250,000
      34 bigbear96 2,200,000 friends 905,000
      35 Radarninja 2,197,380
      36 SpiderInsider 2,181,591 family 1,413,043
      37 Vip1999 2,119,300
      38 iateone2 2,000,000
      39 the big dog 1,930,100
      40 golongandstrong 1,750,000
      41 slee 1,554,508
      42 generale 1,500,503
      43 ReconRanger 1,500,000
      44 psycotic1 1,450,000
      45 greengreengreen 1,445,000 Family 312,000
      46 W3Research 1,380,000
      47 TallRob 1,350,000
      48 Anatnom5 1,300,000
      49 theschwartz 1,270,000
      50 Myculo 1,260,000
      51 Scooter22 1,228,000
      52 Lindy1401 1,200,000
      53 RAYANK 1,100,000
      54 TheThird Man 1,070,962
      55 Jlizard 1,050,000
      56 wr450 1,041,000
      57 Destro 1,025,000
      58 Pennygirl 1,002,930
      59 6digits 1,002,900
      60 DRWonderful friends & family 1,000,000
      61 truthshallsetufree 1,000,000
      62 indebt2 1,000,000
      63 Jimmy 1,000,000
      64 mannystef 1,000,000
      65 MrArsonal 1,000,000
      66 volcanoerupt 1,000,000
      67 GZFX will make it 885,200
      68 atldan 850,000
      69 Karlos1 850,000

      You poor bashtards - no wonder you are still pumping this thing...

      At least a r/s won't affect your member RANK. Do you think the r/s will just effect the COMMON shares?
      Isn't that what they did with SEIH/SIVC??? They left the preferred alone?

      Yes, Yes, I do think History is about to repeat itself.

      That reminds me - has anyone seen the connection of someone called Trisha Bollman??? I've forgotten about her - need to recheck that one...

    • Speaking of "it was like an Abbot and Costello routine.. "

      WOW Crazy! Maybe you should be discussing that "I received a cease and decist letter" on another board. It may taint your "credibility" here on AERP.

      Oops, wait I just remembered I "WON" the "battle" yesterday and forced you into pressing the IGGY button.
      Oh well, ramble on - It's probably a GOOD thing you sound like a nutcase.

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