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  • ambigribbit ambigribbit Sep 29, 2008 4:39 PM Flag

    NT-10K FILED

    Say goodbye to the "oh, Aero ALWAYS files on time" theory.
    Didn't get enough information to the auditors to complete an AUDITED 10K.
    Tsk Tsk, Aero.
    Oh, by the way, was that TRISH BOLLMAN's SIGNATURE on the NT-10K?
    Doesn't she work for JAVELIN?
    And everyone said they were out of the mix.
    Yes, all you people who hyped about filing on time can lick the egg off yer faces.
    And all the people who said Javelin staff was GONE can do the same.
    That filing is gonna be HORRID.

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    • This post of yours (link below) is yet ANOTHER example of your complete inability to exercise even basic reading comprehension when it comes to SEC filngs.. let alone interpret them.

      It seems you had problems reading just the very basic statements contained within this two page filing.. here is the entire section (3).. the part you missed is at the bottom..

      "(3) Is it anticipated that any significant change in results of operations from the corresponding period for the last fiscal year will be reflected by the earnings statements to be included in the subject report or portion thereof?

      [X] Yes [_] No

      The company’s fiscal year ended June 30, 2008 operating results are not comparable to the prior year as the company effected a reverse merger that resulted in significantly different operations and financial condition."

      So when you say the company's filing is going to be "horrid".. I'd have to ask you to qualify that statement. Based on what business knowledge or experience do you base this already pre-conceived judgment?

      It's going to be fun watching you perform analysis on just the basics.. i.e. revenue, gross margin.. let alone anything else.. I always get a belly laugh out of your posts.

      Keep in mind LS.. better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool.. than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. LOLOLOLOLOL.

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      • and why would we expect anything
        different? .. they spew bs 24/7
        and mangle and twist each piece
        of info .. be it dealers or filings

        again ... there is a sequence that
        is followed .. and in this world of
        sarbox .. the auditors <gruber> control
        all when they are ready .. they
        will sign off .. then bh can sign off
        then they get filed ... here's to being
        filed by 2:30 est .. tomorrow .. it may
        happen wednesday .. regardless it will

        i'm looking for 3 bits of info .. in the
        filing .. then i'm more interested in what
        should be pr'd afterwards .. and i hope
        like hell we are looking at a new ir firm
        on the bottom of those coming pr's

        all jmo