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  • bjthepicka bjthepicka Sep 2, 1999 2:04 PM Flag

    Possible buyout?

    Another day of high volume and upwards momentum, but no news. Does anyone know anything about what's going on? Has anyone sniffed out the athome rumor?

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    • Timf7 you are correct in pointing out the flaw in
      my comparison between net revs v. student enrollment
      figures, however, IMO,based on past student enrollment
      figures v. net revs, there must have been a negative
      student enrollment in order to drop $60K from net revs
      for the past qtr. The financials, which are now
      available (207 pages or 4 pages without contracts) and the
      management's discussion/analysis do not reveal enrollment
      figures for the past qtr. Like you, I believe this
      information is critical in understanding the net rev
      comparison. But for now, I don't understand the decreased net
      rev reported.

      I mention the contracts only as
      a point of reference for the relationships that
      EVCI has established. I agree with you that the
      potential "per room" payoff could be large, yet it is
      important to understand that most of the partners (with the
      possible exception of WeMedia) have assumed little/no
      financial risk in these contractual relationships
      regardless of the type of cost involved (marketing v.
      equipment). As you mentioned, I also don't know the cost of
      installing the equipment and communication lines. IMO these
      costs will vary depending on lease v. purchase of
      equipment, type of communication lines available/installed
      at a site, and whether a site will have a classroom
      or individual computer stations. You will notice in
      the contracts, that some of the customers appear to
      have this latter option available. Finally, I mention
      the contracts to fairly balance the cheerleaders on
      this board who make subjective claims.

      timf7, you didn't miss the point, in fact you hit the
      point dead center. I understand that the greater the
      risk the greater the reward, and as an investor, I
      sincerely hope that EVCI is handsomely rewarded. When I
      finish reading the 207 page from 10QSB, I hope to have
      more answers than questions.

    • I am truly sorry that you feel insulted by the
      facts. Also, forgive me for not having the time to do
      your due dilligence for you. The information is out
      there and easily obtainable. Perhaps you should do some
      before dazzling us with your brilliance.

      I almost
      forgot, raw raw raw.

    • Please show us the audited financials confirming
      that: "...Bell Atlantic will spend millions of $$$
      marketing EVCI. will spend millions of $$$
      marketing EVCI. We Media will spend millions of $$$
      marketing EVCI. ..." - if you're going to cheerlead, please
      don't insult everyone with such dribble - do those
      companies shareholders know this?

    • Once again dabuck, you have dazzled us with your

      Bell Atlantic will spend millions of $$$
      marketing EVCI. will spend millions of $$$
      marketing EVCI. We Media will spend millions of $$$
      marketing EVCI. I know those are small unheard of
      companies, but if you try real hard you may be able to find
      some information on them.

      Yes EVCI is providing
      equipment to the Universities and Corporate Customers. The
      Universities are providing the content and back office support
      for the students. The Corporate Customers are
      promoting the courses and providing the students. These
      seem like great relationships to me.

      You are
      right timf7, the potential payoffs could be very large.

    • Thanks for drawing attention to the contracts --
      I missed these originally. EVC can take the
      equipment out if there are less than 60 students (Based on
      current revenues/regs that's about $344 per course).
      Students usually work for about $6-7 hr. I don't see a
      great deal of risk on EVC's part although I don't know
      the installation cost of equipment. If the schools
      are really promoting courses, it seems the potential
      payoff could be very large for each room that is set up.
      Am I missing something?

    • I believe the enrollment numbers were YTD showing
      a large increase. Sequential Q-Q revenues were
      down, probably becuase summer is usually a low period.
      I did not see any Q-Q figures on enrollment. Anyone
      have this data?

    • Smart1usa while you try to think of something
      intelligent to post, dig this quote from the EVCI/Rochester
      Schools contract:

      "EVC shall provide all
      telecommunications equipment necessary to provide access for EVC
      courses to ITV/DL students at the four(4) Rochester
      schools. EVC shall also be responsible for installing and
      maintaining all appropriate telephone lines for its equipment
      at the four(4)Rochester schools subject to the
      review and prior approval of the Directors of Facilities
      and Management Information Systems. The provision,
      installation and maintenance of such equipment and lines shall
      be at the sole expense of EVC. All
      telecommunications costs shall be paid by EVC." On page 2, item 4b.
      the contract states "EVC shall be responsible for
      providing all marketing and other promotional materials,
      subject to the review and approval of Rochester's
      Superintendent." What you may ask is the role of the school in
      marketing? Item 4c states "Rochester shall permit EVC to
      conduct open houses and registration meetings at such
      Rochester locations as may be mutually agreed upon..." Item
      4d states "Rochester will enthusiastically cooperate
      with EVC in promoting this EVC program to Rochester
      In the Lockheed contract, in addition to the
      above requirements, EVC "...shall compensate a student
      coordinator (an LMC employee) who shall be trained in the
      operation of the video conferencing room systems and
      desktop computer video systems."
      Heard enough about
      relationships yet? You are quite right, from the sounds of
      these contracts, there is no risk sharing. The ENTIRE
      RISK is on EVCI! Thanks for helping me clarify my
      understanding! I anxiously await your OBJECTIVE words of wisdom.

    • And I think you are an ass that spews subjective
      bs on this board. But enough about your good
      qualities. Address the question...share your OBJECTIVE
      insights about the decreasing net revenue in light of
      increasing student enrollment...share your OBJECTIVE
      understanding of the me in ANY EVCI
      contract where a partner will spend MILLIONS to market the
      EVCI product. I have read the CWE contract and
      presented the FACTS from it. Try doing the same!

    • you have missed more than just the news/press release dabuckeye. Perhaps you should get a better understanding of EVCI's relationships before you share your wisdom.

    • Isn't it amazing that a company which has a "213%
      increase" in student enrollment in 1999 can manage to trim
      nearly $60,000 from net revenues during the 3 months
      ending Sept 30 v. 3 months ending June 30? Even the
      interest income is down 7 grand and its our money they are
      investing. I don't understand where the student registration
      fees are going. Has anyone seen the statement of cash
      flows? Maybe it can help answer the question. I really
      don't want to argue or disagree with you SS2000, but
      the companies you speak of do not invest "millions"
      to market EVCI. In fact, the contracts are
      structured to place ALL the financial/marketing/set-up risk
      on EVCI with MINIMUM RISK to the partner/company.
      LOOK AT THE CONTRACTS! Just because a company puts a
      EVCI produced flyer in their mailings to their
      constituency doesn't mean it costs them more than a few cents
      to stuff the envelope. Show me in any of the
      contracts where these companies are putting "Millions" into
      marketing EVCI's product. As a business owner, you should
      understand this risk sharing arrangement. Did you mention a
      "big splash in January?" I must have missed this
      news/press release. Exactly what is going to happen in

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