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  • m_cansun m_cansun Oct 30, 2002 6:05 PM Flag

    WallStreetReporter interviews Victor V.

    excellent interview located at wallstreetreporter .com, very informative....

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    • Thanks for the lead. I listed to it and agree. I almost sounded like a paid ad but the disclaimer said that payment is only made if a text version is posted to the sight. I did not find one. Either way I am glad they are out promoting the co.

      A few highlights. a quote close to this "...over 60 million peripheral gaming platform devices sold each year� and IMMR is looking to be a big part of that. Well, now we know why the lawsuit is such a big item. Most of those units are sold directly by SONY and the DEVIL. Even if IMMR were to get 50% for a total of 30 million annual units, that would be incredible high margin royalty income assuming $1 to $2 a unit. That is a double of our existing revenue and then some.

      He also said to quote "our technology is now migrating into touchpads and touch screens." He went on to name pda and cell phones to help produce a better interactive and entertainment value. He also mentioned mobile computing. Sounds to me that they are on the verge of something here. He would not be mentioning this in the cc and on this interview if they were not close to something. Pure speculation but I have to at this point since I am so long on this stock. But think of the unit volume when it comes to PDAs and cell phones. I sure hope they announce a development agreement soon in this area. Also, keep in mind that one of the BOD for IMMR is the head of the biggest company that makes touch pads. I know he has been slammed on this board before but it seems to be a great idea to have him there to push the integration of our product.

      Vic also talked about medical the 80+% growth over last year's quarter. Great but we also have to remember that last year there was this little day between Sep 10th and Sep 12th that caused everyone to not buy anything for a long time. Still, up over 50% year over year and new development contracts. I especially like the new deal for the books that he mentioned in the cc. Sounds like more consistent revenue stream instead of the big-ticket sale items. Good diversity.

      He talked about wanting to get a big part of the "over 50 million" cars sold each year. Do the math on this even at 5 to 10% market share at about $5 per car. Granted, it will take a few years to get there.

      In response to the best selling points of why someone should own IMMR Vic's response was. 1. Break even coming soon at about 6.5 mil in rev, 2. 180+ patents, 3. great growth potential and ... 4. a stock price that is under $2 dollars. Wow. I was surprised that a CEO would comment on a stock price but I am happy to hear it.

      Down side of the interview and the last cc. He did mention again the need to raise cash and that one of the options is equity..... i.e. DILUTION. Let's hope not at these values.

      Possibility of dilution and the inability to meet expectations is probably why this stock is getting pounded. A lot of great revenue potential but it always seems an eternal 6 months away. So close you do not want to sell until you wake up one day and see that it is December again and we are still 6 to 9 months away. Get me some help

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