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  • mf1utie mf1utie Feb 22, 2004 3:53 PM Flag

    what would certainly be interesting

    would be for someone to post the actual article NAMING IMMR as the stock.

    Anyone who can do that as a long guarentees their long investment will move up as not only will others then buy IMMR, but shorts will run for cover!

    So who is going to step up & post this article NAMING IMMR as the stock being talked about WITH A DATE ON THE ARTICLE showing it is current.

    And if none appears here, then we all know that
    1) it was either not about IMMR
    2) the article is old as being discussed & will lead to IMMR moving down.

    So, some long who actuually has the article naming IMMR, step up & make a hero of yourself to all the longs here.

    Otherwise, we KNOW were IMMR is headed!

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    • I think Agora is on the verge of releasing a detailed recommendation on IMMR that will be very supportive of the stock.

    • honestly I sold adat this am and sunk about 90 grand into NFLD is where the money will be make it on Nfld then sink that money on adat there was a corection todad on adat. awsome stock especially at today's price but serious short term money in NFLD I am no pumper read up on it. Check out the msg board...... Good luck Immr will make money too cant go wrong

    • So what do you think about IMMR. I bought ADAT and read the same report you did.

    • I think there is a third possibility. That the article is a promotional piece with just enough information given to narrow down the field to IMMR (i.e $26M settlement with Microsoft). But that the piece actually identifying IMMR as the comapny has not yet been published to susbcribers. On Friday the promotional piece went out to a very large e-mail list of investement newsletter buyers, some of whom did a little research and either liked what the saw in IMMR, or assumed that once the Agora subscribers got the official recommendation, the stock would rise.

    • You just proved you know nothing about IMMERSION.

      Volume was up almost 700% on this article.

      Good luck

      • 1 Reply to asif_000020002000
      • You damn FOB. Read the article. Do you recall IMMR being below $6 in January? He said the Sony settlement could put an extra $5 cash per share to the $1 per share the company already has and then states that $6 is higher than what the company is trading at.

        I have NO DOUBT he is talking about IMMR fool. But he was talking about November 2003.

        The fact that he knew about the cell phone deal before it happened is a good reason to report him to the SEC which I will do Monday morning. There is NO reason why a stock pumper running a newletter should have known about this deal before the street.

        Maybe you and he are one and the same. Maybe you're just his lover. One thing is for sure. You threw a lot more money into IMMR than you feel comfortable with and now you have to pump.

        There is still the possibility that Sony may not settle. They could have settled last summer or in the fall. However, the delay could signify that Sony has a strong case against the sellement. Maybe. Maybe not.

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