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  • pebster1 pebster1 Jul 26, 1999 1:15 AM Flag

    convertible offering soon?

    My understanding is that the convertible offering
    was expected to happen some time in July. Wouldn't be
    surprised if we got an announcement this week.

    On a
    completely different subject, do you all remember how that
    "All of Nothing Article" was talking about how a
    complete failure in Phase III melanoma would probably mean
    that Maxamine was dud for just about anything? Well,
    with all the anticipation of the cancer results, I
    have not fully appreciated the fact that we're going
    to be getting a sneak preview with the hepatitis
    results which are due in 4Q 1999. Good or bad, the
    results are Phase II and will likely not cause the stock
    to skyrocket or plummet. should provide an
    opportunity for those following the stock and familiar with
    the nature of Maxamine to either take a little bit
    off the table (if results are bad) or maybe buy a
    little more (if the numbers are good).
    There are
    going to be well over 100 patients in the hepatitis
    trial so efficacy should be pretty clear one way or the

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    • I would think it would be about 1/2 because there are always dreamers who believe that any fallen angel will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

    • Should I just use zero, nada, zip for the downside case?

      from the bozone-layer,


    • The buyout price would be at least $30.
      Unfortunately you don't want to know the 10% figure because it
      has to do with the second half of the All or Nothing
      statement. We all must be realistic in our investment
      strategy. Hey, but I will take them odds. 90% upside vs.
      10% downside.

    • So what will the buyout price be? and what is the other 10%?

      from the bozone-layer,


    • My prediction: 90% chance MMP will be no more next Oct. Swallowed by a bigger fish. Lets hope so anyhow.

    • What is your take on the GLIA numbers?

      haven't you added your estimates to the MMP

      Do you have a reference (or an idea where I might
      look) for an independent assessment of antisense? By
      independent, I mean not from one of the companies pushing the

      from the


      CNBC .. positive on GLIA numbers, although they didn't
      know what the company does.

    • Thats the scenario I like. Do me a favor, post that every day, willya?

    • My guess (and hope) is that in Oct -00 the
      problems f�r MMP will be over and the stock will be traded

      50 % 70 US-dollars
      25 % 50 " "
      20 % 25 " "

      5 % 1 " "

      The reason for the altime-low in
      MMP is partly due in my opinion
      to the low profile
      that the management of MMP is keeping gainst the
      market( anyway in Sweden).
      I also wonder why MMP
      did`not ask all the present shareholders to put up the
      needed money- I definitely would have sais yes.
      luck to all MMP longs!

    • Please submit here your estimates (probability
      weighted) what the closing stock price for MMP will be in
      US $'s on 31 October 2000. A prototypical response
      would be:

      50% chance $30.25
      25% chance $
      25% chance $ 1.15

      Let's collect these
      estimates (can be as many probabilities as you choose, but
      they MUST add up to 100%) and see what the folks who
      really know think.

      Also, we are counting on some
      responses from Sweeden. If you wish you can give the prices
      in SK, but must also give an exchange rate.

      Anyway, it's something to do on a day where things appear
      to have dropped a bit.

      from the


      OT: Terry ... you buddy couldn't stay "underground"
      forever. yes?

    • Thanks for making that clearer to me. I think
      that makes sense. Actually, and please excuse the
      bragging, I was happy for this oportunity to get back into
      MMP. I bought and sold it thre times, and bought it
      again today at 9 1/4. That brings my cost down to 7
      3/8. I was roundly critisized by another member of
      this board, whos name will go unmentioned, for that
      practice. But hey I am happy to bet $7 3/8 on the future of
      Maximine on an all or nothing bet.

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