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  • bruisersampson May 8, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    I just put 3 members on ignore and guess what happened ?

    70 % of the messages were hidden ! ..................WOW....Imagine that.......ALL of those useless messages disappeared ! Nice clean , refreshing message board now to actually discuss MM....Good or Bad is fine with me as long as it is USEFUL Information , trade information , etc. You know what I mean ? The way these boards were designed to be used.

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    • What a poor investor you are my man.......if you only focus on the good and turn a blind eye to the will lose everything...

      Face it....MM is doesn't keep investors informed (they won't even let us know what it costs for their last factor that into earnings), they don't try to make investors happy, they have lost key business deals which led to their last miss.....

      Even this stock is out of control...completely manipulated by shorts.....MM might as well be a pinksheet penny stock....

      The only thing that people care about with MM is that they will be bought out.....and I'm sorry if this hurts your little feelings, but you shouldn't have to hope for a buyout to make money or make your money back....the company should perform! and unfortunately.....MM doesn't!

    • bruiser,
      how do you feel the market will react if revenue and EPS come in-line with analyst estimates?

      While longer term I am bullish for MM's prospects, this quarter tends to be the weakest.

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      • bruisersampson May 8, 2013 1:24 PM Flag

        I agree this will be the weakest quarter and if they are in line or miss either way the stock price drops. This market is Looking for Perfection ! I own a lot of stocks in different areas of the market and 4 of them met expectations and still went down so I bought more shares on the decline. I am also Long MM and if it hits $ 10 what I am going to do is sell some because I own a HUGE number of shares and I just bought more this morning. If it drops after earnings I am waiting for a few days and see if it gets to $ 6 or less then I am loading up the truck with even more shares. This Company has the Potential to be a HUGE player in mobile in the future on its own merits but I have a feeling they will be bought out by the end of 2014 or before for a minimum of $ 13.00..........Just my opinion but I also have a " Little birdie " friend who works at MM in Baltimore and New Clients are signing up with MM Everyday. Sorry this is so Long but wanted to give You all information that I have.GLTY

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