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  • bruisersampson Aug 26, 2013 11:44 AM Flag

    I realize some of You Like My messages and some of You dont and I respect that but :

    I am ONLY trying to reveal what I can to help ALL members decide what to do with MM stock. If You are Long or Short I don't really care. I hope EVERYONE makes $$$$$$ but I can honestly say this = IF You are short here at $ 7 range You would be VERY Wise to cover or You WILL Lose Money. There is Going to be more news flowing out of MM before next earnings release.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Bruiser I always appreciate your incites. I am long MM. I personally feel that without major buyout rumors, we may spike or drop, (I think we will go up steady to the $8 range unless there is a large market pullback) but either way, I think we go way down again after Q3 earnings.

      There has already been information that there will be growing pains, the merger won't go through in Q3 and they likely won't lose money (HOPE to break even in my estimation).

      That said I really believe that after that over the next year this stock is going places. Between market share, the future of monetizing tech, and buyouts, I think we see in the teens, easy. I am still apprehensive that MM can make money instead of simply "growing"

    • I agree that this is a great price here and shorting might not be the smartest thing, but there are some factors that are keeping investors away short term. The combination of the Jumptap dilution (which is a significant amount) and the inexplicable fears tormenting the market due to the FOMC taper hype, make this is a stock that will bounce around between 6.50 and 7.50 (if that high) at least until Bernanke's next fluff speech. The market is a mess right now and stocks like this are going to pay the price. Chinese buyers isn't enough to blow this up as today illustrates. We were at this price a few months ago and that was pre-dilution. Be patient though. A year from now you will be swimming in cash. Hopefully 7 is the new short term floor.

    • m_tank Aug 26, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

      I have to agree. To be short near the 52 week low and this company is growing revenue at 45%, earnings are turning positive and valued at barely over 1 year revenue.

    • Its gonna rain during this time frame as well...jus saying..lets see if im right?

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