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  • thesnowcrow thesnowcrow Aug 28, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    What I'd like to know....

  "who's willing to sell" at this price? If such "good news" is right around the corner, such "equality with Google", such "good synergy with Jumptap", etc, etc. ....WHY is anyone selling here?

    Must be nice to have sold your shares at 10+...Palpuke....real confidence.

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    • MM is a long term hold. Management acknowledged the dilution and flat quarters in the near term on the last call. Good news thus far has simply caused a short term spike than back to declining. You gotta know for yourself the real payoff from MM is further in the future, but these low prices make it a screaming buy. The right around the corner huge payoff hype is only going to cause you more disappointment. MM is a long term buy for the smart money. The majority of the daily ticker watchers are retail investors who probably can't stand waiting for the future pay off.

    • 7% of the float moves today ... and up a penny.

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      • they sure are "good".. that is not easy.... don't fret the day to day moves.. either you believe in the LT potential of the company post acquisition or you don't?.... if you believe, then ignore the weak hand shake out and have confidence that fundamentally your investment is solid and the gamesmanship is simply that .... day to day moves typically have nothing to do with the stock fundamentals and everything to do with creating maximum value for the MM's..... if the company is legit then the results will ultimately drive it much much higher...

    • A 40% increase in revenue in an incredible space ... an acquisition bringing skilled technical people, 20 large cost savings, completely complimentary offerings, and market equality with GOOG ... AND THEN ... GAME and SINA kingpins taking a 6.1% position ........................................ and what do we see ... sell sell sell.

    • I don´t know, but they are dumping without mercy. markest looking better and they sell sell and sell. Probably is right the guy saying somebody is accumulating, but it could take months.

    • Don't call on me ... I got no answer.

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