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  • class000001 class000001 Feb 11, 2014 11:47 AM Flag

    shorts are wrong about new mm

    most of the shorts still think the new mm is like the old mm, how do we know, before jumptap, the short interest is around 8.6 million, at jan 15, around 11.6 million. so apparently the shorts are not familiar with RTB real time biding, which will be grow at 50 annually until 2019. jumptap revenue will grow from 30 mil in q3 to 45 mil in q4. buying jumptap is the smartest thing. if old mm want to buy jumptap today, the cost will be at least 3 times more expensive. (pubmatic rejects amazon 300 mil offer,now if ipo, it will be 1billion, 3.3 times more expensive.) potential buyers for new mm, amazon, netflix, ibm, msft. RTB is the keyword for any mm invester.

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    • 'And, MM does not have a monopoly on RTB' ... but MM has RTB + brand + first-party data asset + 3d-party geo locaters.

    • 'it was a dilutive acquisition' ... we the company issued shares for JTap assets, and within 1 quarter of integration, we had a massive BEAT. The acquisition was ACCRETIVE ... meaning we the company got more value in assets than the then value of the quantity of shares we issued.


    • On the other hand, it was a dilutive acquisition, hence the before-and-after price movement on the JT announcement.

      And, MM does not have a monopoly on RTB.

      Both points worth considering.

    • I agree completely ... shorts almost have a 'daily' view of the world and MM ... 'because we closed it at 7.10, all is just fine.' ... that's dangerous for them, given all the points you raise.

    • the short funds typically review their position monthly, 6monthsly. looks like the short money does not make meaningful money on 6 months, the supervisor of the trader who shorts mm will not be happy, if earnings sent mm price higher, the trader has to cover or even get fired then the fund covers it. the short fund will not only be fighting with retail investers, after earning, major investment banks will start pushing mm higher, why, because 2014 is the hot year for ad /mobile ad tech. rubicon, pubmatic etc., will ipo. to make more money, they want to build the welcome environment, mm rtb leader is a good candidate. from growth perspective, ad tech all over the 2013 fast 500 by deloitte, mm being 72, u don,t want to short the companies in that list.

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