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  • bigballstreasonnuts bigballstreasonnuts Dec 17, 2007 12:06 PM Flag

    SOLAR ENERGY ........

    is here to stay & the winner will be the first one's in like the chinese. Look out your window & you will see what is going to heat your house in the future & may well run your car.....CHINA will be the leader because we have that dumb ass oil man BUSH SURROUNDED BY ALL HIS BUDDY'S & HE WILL MAK US PAY FOR IT

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    • NOT SO MY FRIEND...solar energy is good form of heating & done rite, can be used for day's ....in conjunction with lithium storage batteries it can light your home & run a car for a limited time till a recharge is need...i know because i have worked for a company that designed system's for just that

    • Hydrogen companies such as DESC, HYGS, Ballard, PlUG and QTWW are going out of business or rapidly headed that direction. They have been involved in developing hydrogen filling stations with the likes of Shell and Airgas. FCEL has a different model focued on waste to hydrogen among other things, but is still losing gobs of money. Hydrogen has gone down the toilet while solar has and will continue to grow at a near exponential rate. The only hope for hydrogen is a cheap way of making it - nuclear is one way, but there are many obvious problems with nuclear. Solar, wind and hydropower may be feasible to make hydrogen some day. In other words hydrogen is pretty much dead for now. I have been following hydrogen companies for years - they are all on life support at this point.

    • Fortunately I know way more than I probably ever wanted to on the hydrogen carbon front as my father in law worked for Texaco for 30 years working to develop hydrogen energy. He said that one day soon a car company will come out with a hydro car. Sure enough, Honda just released one. I don't doubt that solar can generate some good capacity of electricity but solar loses power because friction is not created to continue to drive energy. In solar you only get a certain amount of energy storage during a day.

      Hydro Carbon and Oil are the most combustible energy forms. We need combination of alternate energy sources in the future but the replacement for oil in auto industry is hdyro carbon with replacement of oil in electricity is geo-thermal with small sidestep to solar. Again, if solar could compress equivalent storage that intel was able to do for processors for computers then maybe there is a long term future that can validate all the solar co's out there. Simply put, right now there is not enough pie to go around. So we, as investors, have to be selective. SOLF makes money so therefore is a good investment in short term.

    • First - making hydrogen is energy intensive. Its advantage is that it is portable - solar panels are not (or less so). There are several operations being development that use solar to make the electricity in order to make hydrogen. Your comments on hydrogen are not well-founded.

      Second, your reasoning about the energy from solar panels being free - so that there must not be money in making solar panels - is really flawed. In fact the beauty and major selling point of solar and wind - like hydro (but without all the terrible things that dams do) is that it will pay for itself over time and at some point the energy produced is in effect free. Its the upfront costs that are hard to swallow - but that is changing rapidly with oil soon breaching $100 and climate change becoming a front and center world issue. The technology will change and improve incrementally - thats true for any industry. Goverment subsidies - like those in Cal, Or etc, will also make solar installations very cost-effective going forward. Goverments around the world are now compelled to fight global warming.

      Sold my EMKR - more losses - and am buying SOLF and ASYS - profitable and growing at very strong rate. GL

    • I am watching Pres Bush speak on the economy and he stressed that "nuclear power" is the way to go regarding alternate means of generating electricity...No mention of "Solar" as an alternative yet...Could it be that the powers that be in this country don't want to push solar due to the fact that once installed there is not much in terms of revenue stream left for the utilities?..please chime in and share your views....

    • Fortunately the bushies will be out of power soon (they really are already) and amazing progress towards alternative energy production will begin in earnest - especially as the consequences to global climate change become evident to even the right wing head-in-the-mud crowd. Solf will be annoucing some truly amazing contracts in the coming weeks and months. Holding Solf since the low 10s - GLTU

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