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  • bos_nu bos_nu Dec 17, 2007 12:23 PM Flag

    SOLAR ENERGY ........

    completely agree. Solar is not a new technology. If you ever fly over the middle east especially israel, you'll notice small sparks on the ground.. yes they are solar panels and they have existed there since the 70's and used for hot water. The gov here has been against anything that involves not relying on oil due lobbying and being friends with oil rich countries. that's coming to an end gradually.

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    • unfortunately you guys are all wrong. The problem with solar is that there is not much conductivity in the technology therefore there are many more years of R&D before it can be used on any wide scale. Nuclear power is extremely productive and is already used in many developed nations, including America, around the world. Hydrogen and geo-thermal is where most of electric energy will be created from in the future. Already seeing hydrogen cars...
      I am long SOLF and have been for several months now, but lets be realistic that until they get to where the current state of the art PC Intel chips are in computers for similar productivity in Solar, its going to be a wish list idea. But good in near term as its the current buzz word.
      And like Bush said, you can't just wake up tomorrow and turn America off OIL. Its gradual and will happen but oil runs the global economy as well. Hydrogen Carbon power is the only comparable to Oil from a productivity standpoint. Thats just simple fact!

    • Thank god there is somebody here that really understand's what i am trying to say..........