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  • ucrying2 ucrying2 May 29, 2008 5:32 PM Flag


    I am curious what made you short a stock with so much growth...It has worked out well for you but why not a finanical stock or weaker stock...Even though we longs are down now you have to see a stock that doubled estimated EPS will have to go if you look at the option market for June there are a ton of 22.50 25.00 & 30.00 dollar calls.......I just do not see what you saw to short a stock like this. I have to give it to you because you made the right call but you could have not known in advance about the downgrade that we got...without that we would not be that solf run

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    • You know Renee, you really do like to hear yourself talk. I know people like you. You have all the answers. But, in reality, you have actually never pulled the trigger. You think about trades. And you come up with what you did AFTER the trading is over.

      You want to be right...that is about the only thing you have said in your posts that I believe. You have theories...but don't we all.

      Solar energy has to be part of the fabric of the universe in the years to come. You think that because SOLF is Chinese that they are cooking the books. Why would they be inherently more dishonest than an American company. What about Enron you talk about?

      I think you are a talker and not a doer. But then, in the end, who really cares. I believe in the company. And, really , not at all in you. Good luck to you. I believe you need that.

    • Thanks for answering honestly...I think you made some good points but like someone mentioned earlier why would the institutions be buying...When I first purchased this stock in the teen's it had 2% ownership by mm's now it is up to 15%.....second these companies are making money, u talk about crooked books but all the solar companies can not be cooking the books (csiq) is solar out of point is I do not believe this sector is hurting financially...Good luck to you it has been painful the last couple of days but I will hang on into the next earnings and see what happens...But like you said next time I will take a little money off the solf run

    • sure but not on hype. I am not looking to hit home runs.

      Currently long
      All long for one month with ATM cc's sold on every postion. except apple I am long aapl at 157 with oct 180's sold on it.

    • I already made money shorting BSC and C and TMA now TMA.H and a freaking heap of money on PMI.
      Who didn't see that one coming when they are giving away money to people to buy houses who have no credit.

      Solar is the short of the month. the financials have already got their beat down.

      I wouldn't have been long this stock from 12 anyways. I am mostly a shorter unless I am long good solid companies with covered calls sold on them.

    • Do you ever go long???

    • Oh FSLR is way over valued but it's still in fashion. Too many big player own it so it will get supported like PCLN did and does. Which BTW I shorted from 138 to 131.

    • Reneew this leads me to believe that you're full of crap. You know nothing about investing. You're just a sheep that follows the herd on every mb. You were not aroung when the stock was heading north from $12. You're here to get burned, and you will feel the full power of MM's. Get your gains and get out. I suggest you move to "Financials". They're getting to much praise on CNBC. Good money to be made shorting those.
      Take care.

    • Well why don't we say that all companies have possibility to cook their books. And with your analysis they all should be trading in teens. Simply put, I smell jealousy. China's GDP is growing at 6% and US at 1%. The media tries to find ways to make them look better. SOLF is trading with Forward PE of less than 20 and Fslr TTM of 200. Tell me which one is overvalued?

    • well then I wish you the best of luck.

      HAs anyone here read the 124 page report on Solar that CITI Bank put out a few weeks ago? The report costs a few hundred dollars but it really is worth a read. It saved me a ton of money by closing my FSLR short while it ran up a bit and helped me pick my re entry point to open a short position again. According to that report FSLR may touch 200 before it goes back up.

    • read an Enron report. Thats another great short from the recent past.

      I want to make one thing perfectly clear I am not saying their are cooked books I am saying it is a possibility.

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