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  • jbkoadog jbkoadog Sep 7, 2008 1:13 AM Flag

    OBAMA was A Community Organizer Alright

    Malkin is a raving lunatic! An Asian Ann Coulter clone. And Limbaugh? Give me a break. You might as well throw in Hannity and the rest of the Fox News crowd. if you want the real TRUTH about anything. If you want fraud, waist, lies, and everything hypocritcal, just look at Bush and Co. Just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier they pull that Palin thing out of the slime. Take off the blinders and quit being brain washed by these clowns. Yeah I know, invading Iraq sounded like such a swell idea at the time but oops, wrong county, bin ladin went that way, oh well. And on it goes...Unbelievable, sickening waist of brave American lives while the Limbaughs and Hannitys rake in millions. I need a beer...Oh yeah, you might want to check out for a little clarity. Really, just open yours eyes.

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    • Typical liberal argument. When you can win on facts, use names. How do you explain someone who voted present over three hundred times ? This world is built by people who are brave to do something. The more you do, the more people don't like you. The do nothing people has no enemies. They are usually the ones raised to the top. Obama understand this. He does nothing, nada, in order to run for the presidency. He is really smart. McCain ? He is too stupid to fight for his country. He is too dumb by serving his people.

      Bush got an economy ruined by Clinton, and Greenspan. He got a country attacked by terroists ignored by Clinton government. He got a stock market corrupted by Democratic administrators. Yet, he cut taxes and Pull the country from the brink of total collapse. His unemployment rate was the lowest in forty years. he never got the credit for what he did. He wiped out Al Quada's bases. He toppled a leader who wants to wipe out Israel. Yet, all the press and liberal can say is that he shouldn't be in Iraq. Tell me, how many Demos voted against going into Iraq ? Hint sight is always 20/20. He did what he had to do. I doubt Obama ever will have the guts to do anything.

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      • Obama wants to tax, tax, and more taxes. He wants to give the money "to the ordinary people." It means it will be going to welfare recipients and the homeless. Castro and Chavez all rolled into one. You don't see him donating his mansion or the money he made from his memoirs or the money he made from the political with Rezko, do you? The narcissist wouldn't think of it. A first term senator with no experience except for making political deals to enhance himself, and sitting with a bunch of racists for 10 years because he didn't see anything he disagreed with. Yep, this is a candidate from hell.

      • I thought the Queen of England in 1493 ruined our current economy. Interesting how Clinton was so powerful he could effect things 8 years later and there was nothing Bush could do. Even McSame admits the problems are due to Republicans and they are far too corrupt. Read the news.

        McSame copies everthing Obama does so I guess Obama must be his idol. McSame special agent of change if it gets votes, Sarah the figther of entitlements unless she is getting them.

    • Racist and Marxist and as corrupt as they come Obama to the rescue, right? He still counting his loot and property from the Rezko payoffs. Rezko is going to jail. Ten years in a racist churh but, Obama never heard a word or a comment that he didn't like that he needed to disagree. Obama experience consists of being a Community Organizer, which is a nothing - no responsibility, just a marcher with the rest of the welfare recipients. And now, the corrupt Obama is looking for votes anyway he can, buying them, supporting illegals getting registered. Barack Hussein Obama is a corrupt, rich racist, Marxist, narcissist. Barack requests that when you vote for him, that you bend over, when you do it. It will be his way of saying, "Thanks for your vote, dopey, and I just kicked you in the ass to prove it!!"

    • My eyes have been open since the days of the 'Great Society.'We need new government at every level. Have you noticed how local governemnt has increased all the fees they can, added to the excise tax, added to the property tax and they still want more. The locals don't have zero based budgeting either. Just add to last years budget.....every where you turn government is in your face and in your pocket. don't be an idiot: Oblama just happens to be much worse than the others///

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      • Speaking of great flip-floppers and someone who doesn's see or hear very well. The latest headline about Obama has him say that he would delay his rescinding of tax cuts IF the U.S. is in a recession. This moron is absolutely brilliant!!! Obviously, he thinks if he takes money in taxes from the people who are working to give to the welfare people, it might not go over to well with people who are working and struggling to maintain their households. This dope has been preaching about the economy. When did he realize that the economy might not be doing so good, that he could raise taxes? Wish I could make it up but, this guy is a little slow. He has plenty of experience as a Community Organizer, though. That's what one gets with no experience and no nothing. Someone would doesn't know what the #%^* they are doing and, you can get it if you want it.

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