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  • jscolt45 jscolt45 Apr 21, 2008 10:16 AM Flag


    For any real investors, not traders, these banks provide the opportunity of a lifetime. I have not seen these valuations in years, and all you hear is bad, bad, bad.

    This is just a good chance to continue accumulating on the dips, ride out the volatility and make money. Does anybody really think that the government would allow any of these banks to close?

    Please continue to sell me your cheap stocks.
    Shorts can do their thing, 90% of short traders never make money. 90% of traders never make money either. I have been doing this for years and am yet to meet anybody who made money trading or shorting. Those are gamblers who always end up losing. Mostly people who post on these boards who are pretending to be high-rollers. Any true investor can look at their track record and know it works.

    Buy quality, hold long, grab all the dumb people's cheap shares.

    Good luck, enjoy the ride. Bring it on!!!


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    • I am, but I thought we could get some intelligent conversation going here. I post on these boards rarely, but this board seemed to be knowledgeable so I wanted to keep the thread somewhat mature.

      Oh well, I guess I have to try the ignore button.

      Good luck folks.

    • I asked a simple question: List one accomplishment of the Bush administration. In five hours we got anti-Democrat hate mail. Going all the way back to Jimmy Carter. Please just one honest positive contribution to our society by Bush. I discount the anti-terrorism because 911 happened nine months after Bush took office. He was warned about Bin Laden and refused to listen. One last chance. Hint, a good President might fill in the blanks:
      1. He defeated_____________in the war.
      2. He eliminated poverty in ________________.
      3. He cleaned up the floods in________________.
      4. He fired _____to reduce corruption in the government.
      5. He improved schools in_______________
      6. He reduced unemployment by ____%
      7. He reduced the national debt by _$_________

    • Your answer is a "Masterpiece" and food for thought for those of "Short Memory".

    • Were all going to be in DEEP DODO if they cut the dividend!!!! Take a look see at today's Yahoo financial report on BAC.

    • ken..

      Did you get that GED yet? you retard

      Completely ignore the fact that the AWOL story was a NY Times FABRICATION..Yes Kenny boy LIES..Just Times are liars just like both

    • Hey that is unfair. Bush was AWOL for a good reason. He had so much coke in his blood stream that he would never have passed the physical. Besides, his daddy could get the AWOL thing squashed (he did) a court marshal is another thing. Besides we would never have gotten an answer to the age-old American question: "can anyone become President." We now know that ANYONE can become President. As long as the Oil money people are behind you. I think many Americans like Bush as President. Every day nearly everyone in America knows they could do a better job. "Well only if I did not have to go fishing this afternoon."
      All those folks who like the dummy, you have McCain getting ready. I only wish he were a little smarter, like maybe 6th from the bottom of his class.

    • Yeah Ken - doll

      Lets stop all of the anti terrorist activities, because it isn't very nice,

      I mean we need to make it a much more hosiptable environment for our ememies to murder Americans..wait isn't that Hitlery's platform


    • <<That is fine. Now back to the accomplishments of Bush.
      Well you had all morning. . .think of anything yet? He has had over 7 years. Nothing yet. . . I thought so.>>


      You ignorant brainstem...LOL

      You totally dismiss what I just said..

      Hurry quick quick vote for out savior Hitlery or there a pair that would be fearsome..


    • herejust_br...

      Even a brain-dead brainstem retarded clam like you can see that no matter what is presented to you as EVIDENCE, your convictions are so strong that you ignore reality..

      You poor thing..
      Hey what happened to the Bush AWOL thing?

      Hmm..? You are like the lambs being lead to slaughter


    • ken_lay_up
      How about Jimmy Carter? take all the time you need.

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