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  • snook33021 snook33021 Dec 4, 2008 10:58 AM Flag

    Wow, this is your chosen "fearless" leader? LMFAO


    Obama is already skeered to death to take a stance on anything, he only knows how to blame others, and I thought Pelosi was a putz?

    What's gonna happen when he does take office and he has to make a decision, is he gonna "blame the world" for his indecision and ignorance?

    Obama Keeps His Distance From Treasury on TARP
    Paulson Can't Ask Congress for Second Tranche of $350 Billion Unless He Knows Next Administration's Plans for the Money

    Since his election exactly one month ago, Mr. Obama has maintained a campaign-like approach to the economy, speaking in broad terms about the need for intervention, while refusing to engage in specifics

    Treasury officials have grown frustrated with the Obama transition team's unwillingness to engage in specifics. Mr. Paulson has to consult with the Obama team on any big moves, in particular on plans for how the next $350 billion should be used. While Treasury has been in frequent contact with the Obama team, there is uncertainty about what it wants to do with that next batch of money. Many within Treasury believe the next administration is trying to keep its distance in an effort not to be painted as endorsing any of the Bush administration's plans.

    Mr. Obama also hasn't discussed one of his hot-button issues -- foreclosure-mitigation efforts -- with the Paulson team. While Mr. Obama has talked about helping homeowners, his aides haven't presented Treasury with any type of plan they would like to see implemented.

    David Axelrod, a senior Obama adviser, said that until Mr. Paulson commits to seeking the additional funds, any statements about its use would be presumptuous. Told that such a commitment could come next week, Mr. Axelrod shrugged, "Well, that's not this week."

    LMAO, even Chavez would have least taken a stance on the issue, he can't even keep up with his big brother?

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    • Snook, why don't you use your brain once instead of posting Republican whining? Obama is not the President until Jan. 20. Bush, unfortunately is still the President. He seems to be in hiding and not minding the store. Obama has an excellent economic advisory team. The economy is in such a mess that it will take months to straighten it out. It takes at least 6 months after an action by the Gov. before we will see any positive action in the financial condition of the country.

    • I am still waiting for Bush to find weapons of mass destruction. Talk about an Idiot…Long live the King… Anyone would be an upgrade, except, caribou Barbie….. “Um, I did not realize I was at a slaughter house two weeks before thanksgiving…”

      We need to give Obama a chance before we judge..

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