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  • lunaticfringes lunaticfringes Feb 19, 2009 10:45 PM Flag pain, no gain.

    I understand shareholders don't want to lose any more money believe me. But what do you expect when you hold shares of an insolvent company that pays a .01 dividend, and that requires taxpayer money just to stay afloat?

    Do you honestly think that taxpayers should help YOU get rich? Be honest before you answer. Also, if you are an advocate of free markets and capitalism, you have to take the pain sometimes. It's not all about profits. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. The market is cyclical. You pick winners, and in this case, you pick losers. The best thing for America is not to make shareholders here rich, it's to solve the crises once and for all in it's tracks.

    How do you do that? Greenspan and others have spelled it out for you. Temporary nationalization, clean up the balance sheet, break it up (the one stop shop monopoly does not work just ask CITI) and privatize it with a clean balance sheet.

    Then YOU can take the money you pulled from BAC today, and put it back in tomorrow. Get it? There is still money to be made, but NOT in the present condition which is virtually insolvent.

    If you win all the time on bogus middle of the game changes and bailouts, you will never truly win. In the long run, we all lose.

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