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  • tpdcoin tpdcoin Mar 12, 2009 12:35 PM Flag

    CNBC whores for GE stock

    Good grief...their poor little GE stock falls in the last month or so and now listen to the cnbc talk about how the market is cheap and turning...they sure didn't give a F about anybody else

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    • You hit it right on the head. Everyone was negative on CNBC until G/E was in trouble that Friday.
      At that very moment all we heard was good news about this LOOMING RALLY.
      It was really sickening to see the biased parade of pumpers coming out day after day.
      Since then news has gotten even worse..So why a rally?
      Like every other rally back from despair (AIG,Auto bailouts,Fed rate cuts, Obama Stimulus, TARP , So will this Uptick M2M perceived rally fade.

      Im not buying a thing till dow 5800

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      • Obama = 3.8 trillion in PORK SPENDING! we will be borrowing roughly 2 Trilion from communist China. The interest alone will be astronomical. They are mortgaging our future. Both parties are bought & paid for by lobbyist's bribes. We the people cant compete w/ global corps. All of the money goes to the top & they are foolishly pillaging our future.
        I was hoping he'd try some change however, he's more of the same on a higher spending level.
        p.s. don't invest in the markets. Nothing is being fixed. Our idiotic gov't should have re-instated the Glass Stegal act(enable's commercial banks to be wallstreet corrupt banks w/ no regulation, reversed several loose loan laws in the CRA bill, enforced reg-sho proposals in their precious mkt & get a handle on lobbyists bribes in Washington. BEFORE SPENDING A DIME!!!!!!!

    • OF COURSE. . . . . THEIR 401Ks' DEPEND ON IT

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