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  • spiceykit spiceykit Mar 21, 2009 8:47 PM Flag

    The US economy itself might be a giant PONIZ game ....

    the US dollar is back by the best fighting machine and most advance weapon systems this world have every seen. if only star wars was 100% effective, then the whole world is america's. no more opec, no more chinese or russians to pay back.

    then an unemployed GM worker can apply to become the governor of saudi arabia, hong kong or russia.

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    • OF COURSE it's a Ponzi scheme. When I first started selling IRA's to my clients in 1980 I put that together, it was social security's way of saying "anybody in the babyboomer generation, you guys are on your own". I am now building and owning gov't buildings and we are building the new ones like forts. Wonder why? just think about where the little guys anger will be turned when he figures out what you figured out. true.

    • US$ up
      ALL banks down.
      ALL techs down.
      OIL down.
      Global stock markets down.

      China will not allow for the US$ to drop.
      Did you just wake up in 2009?

    • That is why I think that 9/11 signfies the turning point of American Empire.

      No more ruling the world by ideals, human rights and American values. Only the military power is left.

      So we would see some firework after all. ;-)

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