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  • raystapf raystapf Mar 22, 2009 10:07 AM Flag


    "1) BAC's book value is $11. - WRONG. BAC value is 6.09 cause that is the price it's being traded.".....

    Book value is 11 not 6.09. The important point is potential appretation of nearly 100% from this level, not what it is trading at today.

    " So when the stock was trading at the 40's the bank was making $5.26 billion which would be $20.04 billion a year. Now with unemployment, real estate going down, the government printing money like it was monopoly, you are telling me that you will make $7.5 billion a quarter?? I don't know but something tells me not to trust statements like that."....

    Your not considering the $10 bil+ a year that MER and CW are good for. The billion dollar question is, are we at the bottom for real-estate, unemployment and gov cash injection; or do we still have a long way to go. I think we are closer to the battom than media wants you to believe. We all have to wait and see and there is lies the risk/reward.

    "I am not shorting BAC, I am long losing money, but I also am realistic and every time someone speaks and makes blanket announcements like "We are going to pay back 65 billion this year" I do a little bit of research and laught at those statements, maybe you are impressed by them .. good for you."....
    The pay back for BAC is $45B not $65B. I would say CEO is closer to right than wrong, when he says he will pay back in a year or less. Lieing or exagerating that type of info in todays environment is suicide.

    I continue to trade BAC and simultaneously building a long-term position.

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