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  • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Mar 30, 2009 2:50 AM Flag

    question for smart guys (no jack asses)

    If BAC gets natinalzed, will anybody holding shares today and calls or puts lose all or most of their money?

    Does this news about Gm needing to get their plan straight in 60 days mean if they don't BK and whoever holds any GM stock loses their money (including calls or puts) And would have been better off selling today and then buying stock they issued specially that is gm is bankrupt stock that would trade at around 20 cents for a year or 2.

    question 3

    AIG after screwing up so bad and the bonuses I feel should be kicked off the exchange. Would anybody really buy AIG to make money off of it at this point? Will the futures and every market all over the world being down so much equal dow down 500 tomorrow, nas down 200, s and p down 50 possibly?

    At this point and I have to be honest all I would hold and continue to buy here are chinese solars because the chinese government will subsidize 75% of the cost up front approx... and Palm because with the new smartphone already being knick named the Iphone slayer and many software writers can't wait to write apps for them. With Palm not even a 1 billion market cap and RIMM around 30 Billion, and aapl around 90 billion.

    No matter what the market does I feel my solars and Palm can continue to go up (Palm to a 5 billion marketcap at least) and the Solars have tripled pps in 5-8 days last time.

    Please answer my 3 questions and comment on the only stocks I own in this horrible market and leftover Bush economy, 2 more years of this and I am moving to Costa Rica.

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