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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Jun 5, 2009 4:23 PM Flag

    Do you all realize the magnitude of this Scandal?

    I second that

    This has all just been that much more proof that the Illuminati and a select few international bankers (and major drug dealers) import export of cocaine and heroine,opium run everything, and they just manipulate this game to screw the weak and stupid even more before it goes more south then they tried and now they are worried and need it to go the other way.

    The Bilderberg Group that meets once a year to plan out our demise as well as those wanting to see the New World Order very very soon.

    Bac and C are connected with them, that is the only reason I am long this stock.

    But do please tell me the level of scamming and is it about the trillions Bush money laundered thru Iraq?

    Or is it the 9 trillions that vanished out of the treasury?

    Why would anybody have any money in this when SPWRA is about to triple within 10 days, at least double. LDK will double in that time,STP also.

    I dumped 2700 shares of Palm today, got some FWLT and RTP

    If SEC chris cocks is gone soon, and they actually enforce naked shorting and failure to delivers, crack down on the discount brokers and make regsho a serious enforcement then I will throw serious money at the market, will not until then.

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