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  • equitydetective equitydetective Jun 6, 2009 8:49 PM Flag

    The Depression hasn't started yet. It will get much worse.


    Your leaders in Washington have sold the American people out! The multinational corporations have sewn the seeds of much greater unemployment! Why did GM fail? UAW seems to be a nice scapegoat. GM made billions years ago with the UAW there. What changed? The Globalists wanted free trade. Anywhere in the world if you made a cheaper product you won. Well Toyota and Honda had lower wage rates. So they won. Listen people, do you want to compete with someone making $1/day in say Asia? That's what our own Senators and Reps have voted for! People, the enemy is not Bin Laden the enemy is the Globalists! Fair trade not free trade! The Second Great Depression has begun.

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    • The problem they are having in Central American countries now is they earn 38 cents per hour making shirts.

      The same shirts are made in China for 8 cents per hour.

      Thus, nearly all clothing manufacturing jobs that moved to Central America from USA last decade are now moving to China and Bangladesh.

      Become a plumber... they cannot move the pipes to China.

      What USA needs is strong incentives to employers to hire American citizens full-time.

      All other countries have such incentives.

      We do not because we believe in "free trade".

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