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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up Jun 8, 2009 2:48 AM Flag

    sell the gap up and get some solars and RTP

    RTP huge news and probably 50 points in the next 10 trading days.
    Ldk is a much better company then yge and has a hell of much better future ahead of them.

    I think this week the market will correct this mistake of pps and they way these 2 are currently being valued.

    I think the longs over the weekend that did research on all the solars will be dumping YGE and putting that money in the solars that have not exploded yet but sure as hell are about to probably all this week.

    My scanner says hedge funds are rotating out of ag and into solars.

    LDK will be the biggest % gainer this week followed by SPWRA 2nd and STP third.

    If any solars have hard corrections it will be YGE (the worst) followed by WFR FSLR CSIQ. Solars are heating up and when they get 100% hot the strong ones move up 5 points every 2 days at least. And the 30% swings during the trading day will be back as well.

    Remember LDK STP SPWRA have not launched north yet and believe it or not, (I watch all solars, that's all I watch) and SPWRA Sunpower is even way more overdue for a big move up then LDK but they are both so so undervalued and because they both have such strong futures they get the most manipulated.

    My prediction SPWRA up at least 10 points higher this week with 15 points higher very possible, LDK to 15 by friday and 2 to 3 points higher for STP.

    I use scanners, moneyflow charts, hedge fund and institutional buying as well as my own custom software, esignal,vectorvest,quotescope.

    But perhaps the most important thing I can pass on to you investment newbies or that are new to the way solar trades is this fact.

    Their has been 2 big solar runs and the second was faster and stronger then the first, as the market was hungrier for solars. If history is an indication of the future, this 3rd run of the solars (starting seriously this week ahead) will be the strongest and the majority of the best solars will hit their highest peaks ever!

    Lastly, if your not in some solar stocks you had better get some or get left behind watching gains from the sidelines that will make you want to pull your hair out.

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