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  • jimmyoriole jimmyoriole Jun 30, 2009 10:29 PM Flag

    Did Anyone Else Watch Mad Money?

    Before I get ragged on, I am not a Cramer sheep. Actually, he has cost me more money I care to share. I will watch the show from time to time because I enjoy stocks and sometimes he will mention ones I own. Please have the courtesy not to respond with he is a buffoon. In the use of reiteration, I am neutral on the guy. My questions are the following:

    Did anyone notice that he has not been giving stock tips over the past two days?

    Until recently, he has been the market's biggest cheerleader.Also, he recommended someone keep there money in a 2% money market account. He did this in opposition to that person entering the market.The man is usually so excited about stocks, but you could sense something is amiss. The overall sentiment on the market is that it is a trader's market. Last week, I took over 25% of my portfolio off the table, which honestly did not work out to well. I left over a grand on the table. I am considering taking a little more. The reason I brought up Cramer is that he has been plugging BAC on a regular basis. I have been buying since January and plan to hold. Thoughts on where the market is headed? Thanks and God bless...Jimmy

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    • I noticed that Cramer recommends BAC when it is in $12 (or below) range and does not mention it when it goes above $13.

      In my opinion, the market might have a correction near term. So, I think Cramer does not want to get blamed for recommending people to get in when there is a correction due.

      I am long BAC at $7 and do not intend to sell at least for the next few years. I will add more if it goes below 11.50

    • Cramer's on vacation--the shows that are airing this week have been previously taped

    • Taking money off the table isn't a bad idea. From a technical standpoint the Dow appears to be carving out a head and shoulder pattern which is quite negative. If we break down the right shoulder (Dow 8300) we could very well test the lows. Also, Lowrey's (Buying vs. SELLING) is VERY, VERY negative suggesting we're heading lower, maybe quite a bit lower. I think we may be at the end, or near the end, of a bear market rally.....Very high risk environment.

    • Bac's pivot point was 10.93, then I think it is 12.23, today was evident that we have a new pivot point;12.98, after the estimate arrives, we will have a new pivot point on the up side. so, it is moving north, but not the way most of us Americans hope it would(NOW NOW NOW), Patience.

      do not know why American people more inclined to everything FAST. LIke Fast cars(that is okay :)), fast games like Basketball, football(is why soccer is less favored), market, change is general...we want everything NOW....NOW NOW Bevis.

      Patience. Buy BAC for forget about it for a few months.

    • True that Cramer has been pumping on BAC and he is not the only one, look at the numbers and look at other journals, BAc is due. Personally, I don't GFF to Cramer but he is right about BAC;not just him, they have the biggest asset bank wise, poeple are saving more, where do you think the money is at...BANKS and BAC has a BIG piece of it. IMO

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      • Agreed. I am not concerned about BAC. I am buying and will continue to buy BAC, as it is my largest position. My average is around 7, so I have enough of a cushion. It is the elephant in the room, this pullback that is constantly be referenced. I have some others that I am more or less even on, and am considering taking profits and unfortunately losses in them.

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