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  • cgptmsi cgptmsi Jul 1, 2009 1:11 AM Flag

    1000 Jul 13 Calls...What to do? Serious answers only.

    First.... I would never take suggestions from the board on when or when not to trade. I may consider ideas etc from here but I always make I own decision. with that said, from what I am seeing in the charts BAC has been staying above its 200 Day Moving Average and today punched through the 50 Day moving average a bit for the first time in this uptrend. I am having a hard time as I analyze this tonight to determine if it is going back down to low 12s then only to pop up again through the 50MDA. I think that is what is going to happen but I am not certian..... If it does to that, that I think it is very possibly going to go as high as 14 maybe even reach 15 in the short term. Long term, as long as nothing is hiding in the closet in BAC it is trending toward the upper teens. again... this is just my opinion and you should do your own analysis.

    To see the chart I am referring to. go to add a 10 Day Simple Moving Average and you will see how it is bouncing off that as well.

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    • Apparently, you don't know how to read charts.
      1 - BAC is following a 20 Day Exponential moving avg as support, not the 10 Day simple moving avg.
      2 - BAC has been trading below the 200 SMA not above as you say.
      3 - BAC "punched" through the 50 day SMA 4 months ago not "today"..."for the first time"
      4 - One does not need to go to that stupid link stockchartsblahblah to see a basic chart

      Having said that, I'm sure you just switched the 50 SMA & 200 SMA. Continue to do more "research"...

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