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  • m.agnolin m.agnolin Jul 6, 2009 9:48 PM Flag

    I got stopped out today after holding for almost 3 months !!!

    If anybody saw my order status they would think I'm fking nuts with all the canceled stop orders.

    I've been burned badly before by BAC so I'm leary about not putting stops in so I keep moving them according to where it's trading.

    I thought I was safe Thursday with a stop at 11.85 when we closed at 12.65. I guess I was wrong...

    This is the most frustrating stock I've traded in the past 10 years. Aside from manipulation, I still don't know what happened today...

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    • If you constantly watch the stock, and constantly move the stop, then what is the point of having the stop to begin with if you are unsatisfied when it takes effect???

      Dont get me wrong, when MMs take out stops its f'in redic and that shiz shouldnt fly

    • I think it was predictable what it did today. If you look at the chart and overlay a 10MDA on it, you will see that it has moved over and under this line at the top and bottom of every swing. I have been catching it at the top, shorting it and then picking it up at the bottom.. made some good $ over the last month or so. I too have not been using a stop but instead watching it like a hawk, thaanks to my iPhone.

      I really think that this is going back up to test the 200MDA and if earning are good it will continue on up. It is definately getting interesting as the 200MDA and 50MDA get closer.. if the 50MDA crosses over it will go to the moon...or at least much higher.

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