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  • cgptmsi cgptmsi Jul 30, 2009 3:04 PM Flag

    12.85 bottom in next few days

    If you look at this from technical he is correct. And this is not a bad thing. A pull back to the 10 Day Moving average after a rally has been the pattern and actually is a good sign that it is taking a breathe before going higher. With that said... the chart also shows that there is a possiblity of a major gap up to a new high in the mid 14s. Personally, I am banking on a pull back before it officially moves to higher levels.

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    • Why do you fuqers always say that crap. When a stock is tumbling do you ever say "hey, according to my chart fart it should take a breather, i think a nice gain of 2 dollars is what we need before we go down further," if you morons made money off your charts you wouldnt be posting on a yahoo MB..

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      • Nothing goes straight up. BAC has been green for a bunch of days in a row. Yes it is undervalued, but people will begin taking profits, and the revision to the ten day is pretty standard. This stock moved between 10-12 for a long time, then between 12-13.50, and now who knows what the next band will be. I am guessing the bottom maybe somewhere around 13 simply based on the stock's beta.

      • u want a pull back since you can create new resistance

        if everyone who bought at $8 felt like taking their profits it would be a fast run down as they all left

        if you get more turnover it provides shorter drops and less profit taking at one time

        basically you want new money to come in at higher levels not just fall back deep

        I am short in the 13's and will hold until it dives back into the 12's

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