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  • pentium_six pentium_six Oct 2, 2009 9:55 PM Flag

    why i think BAC will hit 22.00-23.00 after earnings ???? (KEN LEWIS)

    Ken Lewis only have few more months left as BAC CEO, he will utilize this coming earnings to drive BAC as high as it can. I'm pretty sure he have some secret news that he haven't release yet.. saving it up when it gets near earnings

    Direct holding 1,430,026
    Indirect holding 400,000
    total 1,830,026

    Ken Lewis wants BAC to go sky high so he can make some big money later, you think Ken is going to be satisfy with 20.00 bac.. i don't think so

    There's a good possibility BAC can hit 22.00-23.00 on earnings week.. let's not forget earnings comes out right on option expiration day

    Ken Lewis deliver bad news.. he's going to lose big money /// what's the chances of that happening ?? especially when he's stepping down few months from now

    BET on some big surprise news from Ken Lewis

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    • Did you predict WFC can run up TEN BUCKS from 19.00 to 29.00 in 6 days ?

      Did you see it coming ?

      most people predicting from 19.00 to 22.50 max

      99.9% of them are proven wrong

      WFC ran up 10.00 in 6 days

      my BAC 22.00-23.00 is nothing

    • You are delusional.

      Ken just said the next two quarters are bad. He made a point of saying his biggest regret is BAC's pis poor Credit Risk analysis.

    • Did you predict WFC can go from 14.50 to 20.00 in 1 day ??

      Did you predict WFC can go from 19.00 to 29.00 in 6 days ???

      99.9% didn't predict that

      Did you predict BAC can go from 12.00 to 18.25 ??

      DID YOU PREDICT BAC CAN GO FROM 16.38 to 22.00-23.00 ??

    • no surprise...cdo's will outperform looking at the balance sheets

    • i will be happy with 19.50 on exp friday.

    • I hope you are right...but I am betting this will give The Bank the opportunity to clean up the balance sheet before new leadership takes over. I am sure we will have some surprises between now and years end.

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      • Ken Lewis holds tons of BAC

        12.00 <~~~~ 17.00 ~~~~> 22.00

        Let's use the common sense approach, you think Ken going to disappoint and make a speech of doom & gloom and watch all his BAC profits evaporate in front of his eyes.. especially when he's about to step down as BAC CEO in few months

        bet on Lewis to surprise the crowds by pulling a monkey out of a hat.. wow!! magic!!

        Lewis is not going to get a gun and shoot himself on the foot

    • I think I'll take out a $500,000 loan at BAC to make a bet with you this won't happen. I expect piss poor numbers and if it's in the 18's after earnings I'd sign up for that right now.

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      • (earnings)
        BAC 7.00 to 11.00 (57%)

        (stress test)
        BAC 8.50 to 15.00

        (after stress test rally)
        BAC corrected to 10.50

        (over a month of accumulation 11.00-13.00)
        BAC 11.00-13.00 for like over 5 weeks
        BAC 13.50 can't break it

        July 29 (BAC broke out of 13.50)
        BAC 11.00-13.00 (average price 12.00)
        BAC 12.00 to 17.50 = up 46%
        BAC 18.25 can't break it


        BAC 11.00-13.00 accumulation for over 5 weeks
        BAC 16.00-18.00 accumulation for 5 weeks now

        BAC can't break 13.50
        BAC can't break 18.25

        BAC 11.00-13.00 (average price 12.00)
        BAC 16.00-18.00 (average price 17.00)

        BAC broke out of 13.50 after over 5 weeks of accumulation at 12.00-13.00
        (( 12.00 to 17.50 = +46% ))
        (( 12.00 to 18.25 = +52% ))

        NEXT WEEK OCT 5
        BAC broke out of 18.25 after 5 weeks of accumulation at 16.00-18.00
        (( 17.00 to 24.82 = +46% ))
        (( 17.00 to 25.84 = +52% ))


        WFC 14.50 to 20.00 in 1 day (+38%)

        BAC 16.38 to 22.60 (+38%)

        WFC from 19.00 to 29.00 in just 6 days
        When WFC was at 19.00-20.00 /// nobody predicted it can run up a WHOPPING 10.00

        People was buying like 22.50 call for 10 cents
        and the 25.00 call was trading at zero with no bids

        nobody predicted that WFC can run up 10.00
        from 19.00 to 29.00

        How did it run up 10.00 ??

        Buffett was pumping it with whole bunch of b.s talks.. Wall Street was talking it up.. later delay the stress test freaking out the shorts

        This teaches you one thing.. Stock market is unpredictable

        Anyone tells you that BAC can never go to 22.00-23.00 // what will you think now ?

        BAC can only go up few bucks .. like get real
        BAC can run up 6.00 from here or more

      • Vad, have you gone all negative and bearish on me?

        Listen to me ok? QUIT MICROMANAGING YOUR STOCKS!

        Nothing changed, so the stock falls, big deal. Nothing goes straight up or straight down. Just relax, or you will do precisely what they want you to do, you will buy it when the it is rallying cause it feels proper and good, and you will give in to short term trends and lose as a result.

        The sector slated to show the largest gain yoy is the financials.

        There was a 16/20 call spread done by a trader today on the Jan options. He did it RIGHT AT THE BOTTOM, it was done at 10:02. He sold the calls at the bid and bought the calls at the ask. He was betting when it broke 16 today that it would immediately start trending lower in a hurry. Little to an hour later he was in pain.

        Just hold your stock and stop listening to hte negative people here, in the media, etc. A year ago I faced this battering from the endless shorts on the GNW board too. I finally through in the towel and went away because I couldn't take it. It almost is like fraternal hazing when you think about it. Only problem is most people don't get stronger from it, they sell and lose.

        A short can't make money if the INVESTOR doesn't sell. What is rather comical is you have day traders (Fast Money and their CNBC brethren) advising INVESTORS. If that isn't asz backwards I don't know what is.

        So seriously, can take advice from me and sit on your stock for a few years and come back to a hefty dividend and unbelievable appreciation, or you can sell your stock and try to time the up and down of the market repeatedly. I think you know which choice is wiser, the question is will you let your emotions get the better of you?

        I will not be here as frequently as I was, as I can't take the repeated bullsh*t some post here. It is nonsense and of little value. So just put your damn stock certificate in a safety deposit box and meet me back here in 3 years to discuss.


    • just look at his huge holdings

      anyone expecting bad news on earnings date are obvious delusional.. you think Ken is going to get a gun and shoot himself on the foot and watch all his profits evaporate in front of his eyes

      the guy only got few months left as BAC CEO


      bet on it

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