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  • joekdoe04 joekdoe04 Jun 17, 2011 2:52 PM Flag

    40 ACRES AND A MULE???

    " never goes away"

    I am consistent. Is that a criticism or a compliment?

    Whatever you think I am projecting appears to be more your interpretation than any realism. I don't like racism. I hope I have been clear.

    Part of the problem of the South is that it seems to think that by claiming some topics are not for "polite company" it can exclude them from any legitimate conversation. This seems to be a one way street in which obvious racists are never brought to task but those who criticize racism are. So I cannot accept that as a legitimate reason not to criticize racism when it occurs, since "polite company" will not lift its lily white hand to do the nasty deed.

    For something to exist it has to have more reality than a proposal that is rescinded. That is more severe than saying it wasn't beneficent or that it worked. So, no, we don't agree. The 40 acres and a mule is just a Southern myth kept alive by racists. And even if it had been true the Southern states were dealing with a black population that had its families torn apart, deprived of an education, and deliberately kept powerless for generations. There was some serious social issues at stake that were simply not addressed.

    The facts are, Donut, that you stepped into this thread to defend a racist. Why did you do that? I can only think of a few reasons. You are either a racist or you hate me enough to attempt, once more, to make me look bad when I criticize a known racist. Either way you seem to be serving an evil master. Do you have a better reason?

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