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  • rwergo rwergo Jun 30, 2011 9:51 PM Flag

    (OBAMA), Who Is This Person

    Have you notice, as soon as you make a statement about Obama, the commie’s
    start calling us name and deliberately change the subject. They don’t have the
    backbone to discuss the anomalies of this person called Obama. A president we
    know very little about. The questions I am interested in are:

    1. He is a native born citizen, not qualified for President. As citizens how can we allow this to continue. ?

    2. Why did he change his name for Obama to Barry Soetoro ?

    3. When did he change his name back to Barrack Obama.?

    4. Does he have dual citizenship with Indonesia.?

    5. Why does he have a CT. SSN from a dead person.?

    6. Is he a part of a subversive plot to overthrow our way of living.?

    7. Where are his X girl friends, friend, records form Columbia and Harvard Law.?

    8. Did he have foreign aid to go to college or did he get rich overnight.?

    9. People have a right to know about him, why is all this information locked up.?

    10. 1981 he travel to Pakistan via Indonesia, what information is on his passport. ?

    11. Why did he present a phony BC.?

    12. Big question, what is congress afraid of.?

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