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  • spinergy888 spinergy888 Sep 2, 2011 2:14 PM Flag

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    Yes fight the arrogrant bastards suing many of whom committed crimes against the country. AIG suing anybody is a joke. Fannie/Freddie were ran by Democratic crooks that loosened the loan standards and did not keep enough capital. Tie them up in courts for decades this is what BAC should be doing!!

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    • burnaka Sep 2, 2011 2:21 PM Flag

      Anyone who bought mortgage backed securities that didn't know there were loose standards for making many of those loans was living in Antarctica. They all knew, but did not expect the economy and unemployment to fall off the cliff, and know they are suing the banks because their gamble failed. They are also suing bank because of the massive unemployment which caused the foreclosure mess.

    • you don't get it.

      both the democrats and the republicans are (with minor exceptions) puppets of a powerful, shadowy establishment.

      I know you are not alone. most Americans are still trapped in this fake democrat-vs-republican BS drama set up by the behind-the-scene power. and that's one reason why the US has no hope of turning around in 50 years, let alone another great depression.

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