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  • joekdoe04 joekdoe04 Sep 7, 2011 2:12 PM Flag

    Contradictions in Fringe Right Ideology

    "Socialism is not the American way."

    Actually socialism is explicitly required under our constitution which explicitly requires a Post Office.

    So socialism has even predated capitalism in our country since capitalism, as invented by Adam Smith, wasn't published until 1776 in his "Wealth of Nations".

    We have had some form of socialism in America since its inception. We just have been brainwashed that it is something bad because of the fear of communism. All of Europe is socialist. Most of the world is socialist. America needs to stop being afraid of imaginary enemies.

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    • "Actually socialism is explicitly required under our constitution which explicitly requires a Post Office"

      Bad example, son...the post office which ISN'T WORKING and begging for money, has been for decades. It sells stamps that no one even USES, so they don't even have to provide the service implied...AND IT STILL CAN'T MAKE MONEY. Billions in bail-outs, still losing money.

      Not that that could have anything to do with their heavy unionization - another example of unions killing the dog they roost on.

    • While some things are run by government, and we do offer some types of welfare (which should be temporary - not a way of life) - Socialism is not the American way. There will always be some characteristics of other things mixed in - nothing will ever be pure, just as America has never been a "Pure" capitalist country. We have a government, and it will always have some footprint; however, again, I repeat - Socialism is not the American way.

      If you want Socialism, you are more than welcome to move to Europe or any other country you would like. The American dream is not to have government tax you to death because you work your way to success only to have your "wealth" redistributed.

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