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  • aevautomatic aevautomatic Nov 25, 2011 1:43 AM Flag

    Obama is outdated and has shown very poor performance

    obama has been the worst president in history. he spent more money in 6 months than both bushs did combined over 16 years! He spent 3.6 billion on 54 vaccions in his term! He made laws enabling illegal immigrants to extort money from the education system! Employment has been a mess ever since obama was elected, he won't even mention the word "jobs." Peoples incomes have gone down during obamas term but fuel is an additional 400% at the pump since Obama has been president. Medical and science advancement has been non existant during his term! Despite obama increasing military spending our military technology has hardly advanced since obama has been president. the hypersonic missles cant even shoot hundreds of targets with thousands of missles globally in under 1 hour. At best they can shoot 1 missle in an hour. What good is that 1 missle an hour? For "hypersonic" that missle weapon sure is slow. Osama was killed by bushes squad and the intel bush and his anti terrorist squad aquired from Gbay. Obama just goes around the world getting on his knees to other leaders and begging for forgiveness. Obama is the worst president in history.

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    • Yu are misinformed. All this S$#T started with W's strategery. Obama is just cleaning it up. In fact, he should be given a lot more credit than other presidents. I doubt any of our presidents had to take over after a moron who damaged our country and its reputation around the world. Strategery at its best. It f$#ked our country. W and Cheney will go into history as the worst Republican leaders. Time will tell. How Carter ended-up with the reputation that he got, the same thing will happen to W. W is a moron and a shame and a disgrace to this country and the presidency. How could he even live with himself after the damage he brought to USA?

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      • As an outsider...I'm from Canada....We can see that under the Republicans (Bush)....US went to war in Iraq for nothing....Hussein never had Weapons of Mass destruction........Afghanistan war was to find Bin Laden....this is what US gov should have done first under Clinton....Target this guy when Clinton adm knew where he was...This was a miss opportunities.......but the Bush Family cost a 47% of US deficit... with 2 war in Iraq....and one in Afghanistan...

        Obama has to clean up....the lack of regulation....that lead to the mortgage crisis under Greenspan who left interest rate low too long....GS is way too present in the US GOV.... Paulson....etc.... You need to separate this clearly....Politics...economics...etc...The CDO mess with GS..AIG...Moody's & S&P give you a real idea of the creativity of Wall Street......and to get better $$$$$ selling to Europe...Asian Banks & mutuals funds & pension plan fake quality mortgage pools called CDO worthless.....this is criminal in my book.....funny that only Martha Stewart goes in Jail....for insider trading...??? what about CEO of big banks like GS???....

        The real problem now is too much debt....not enough economy.....peoples have to get used to put cash on the side....

        Mr Obama has both hands no others had....He need to take priorities....economy...job balance budget....and your congress must stop this power game and make fiscal policies work......before Moody's & S&P put your AAA to BBB-

        We had same problem in Canada in 1994...But prime minister Chretien and Paul Martin....turn it around from profit...but now Mr Harper start just like Bush family to overspend in $25B for destroyer...$5B with UK submarines that leaking and kill one soldier already....also Afghan war....but we are coming

        But we have a great man in charge...the Mark Carney Governor of Bank of Canada...

      • Bawwww Hawwwww .... dreamer ;)

      • I don't think so. During bushes president the market went up higher than it has ever been before. there was more medical scientific and militaristic advancement during his time. Bush was far superior to Obama whos enterance was after 2 after the liberals had consolidated power.

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