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  • pitifulhumans Mar 25, 2012 12:49 PM Flag


    Yes indeed. Once the world lenders see the success of this program, the rest will follow. BAC is introducing cutting edge adaptive programs to succeed through the worst financial crisis in 80 years.

    Well done BAC keep up the hard work trying to help people remain in a home while turning your corporation back to huge profits. BAC is helping to prevent homelessness.

    You idiots finding fault with this program show your god awful ignorance every time you open your flaming stupid pie holes. This is only part of the huge recovery and success story of BAC. Get used to it shorty, you are about to see the recovery of the decade and you'll be glad BAC is instituting this rent program because you'll be begging BAC to rent you your house when you lose your entire life savings on your idiotic short position.

    Get it through your thick skulls morons, BAC is going to 20 and then to 35 over the next couple of years. Get in now because ain't no one gonna pity you when you lose out. You're getting warned right now so don't come crying later you crack smokin butt heads.

    Stupid shorts.

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