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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now May 5, 2012 5:34 PM Flag

    Political junkies

    Stop political posts since they have no effect but waste of time here.

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    • kingofvietnam May 5, 2012 10:20 PM Flag

      hey numb nut IF you don't have a firm grip of politics then don't even think of inwesting !

    • Fascism: National Socialism.

      Communism: State Socialism.

      Both are socialist.

      The difference is that communism does not work while fascism does. This is why liberals are pseudo communists and practical fascists.

      Bobama brought fascism to America by way of TARP, item 1 day 1 of his presidency. To the glee of ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and CNN.

    • Uncle Sam is the largest shareholder in this company. This makes the president celebrity CEO.

      On the last day of the Bush presidency, the US Treasury did not hold so much as one single solitary share of any corporation. Now the US government is the largest shareholder of several corporations.

      Government ownership of private enterprise is called Fascism. It makes no difference whatsoever that lib loons have been brainwashed to the idea that Republicans are Fascists, the bottom line is that Fascism is here.

      And a child shall lead them.

      • 2 Replies to ice_cold_549
      • What a pompous, empty-headed blather burp-er you made it through exactly one sentence before your logic jumped the tracks. Why don't you try handing your Capitalized Crapola directly to the GOP? I bet even THEY would throw you off their Debating Team! ROTFLMAO! "Moses reads The Sermon On The Mount, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read All About It! I can see Romney trying to sneak your "celebrity CEO president" spitball by Obama. PMP! You're nothing but a Labelist! "Lib loons", "president celebrity CEO", "Bobama", Fascism. Holy cow, you didn't even define fascism correctly. Besides CONTROL of private enterprise by government (not OWNERSHIP) the defining characteristics of fascism you conveniently omitted include: rigid one-party dictatorship (oops, guess it hasn't arrived yet after all), forcible suppression of opposition, belligerent nationalism, racism, and militarism. Sure sounds more like the Republican Party platform than the Democratic Party's, doesn't it? Give us an example or two of any Fascist government in recorded history (i.e. not the kind you invented) that promoted agendas like healthcare, welfare, aid to children with disabilities (LOL other than forced sterilization and racial cleansing), women's rights, or equal opportunity. Sweeping generalizations and insinuations ("Brainwashed"? Really!) don't win debates; they lose them. You haven't clearly stated a position or recommended course of action and then defended it with reasoned rhetoric and rigorous logic. All you did was toss a few talk-grenades and attempt to short-circuit any discussion whatsoever. Since all you've got is invective, try your hand at bumper stickers; they're much more suited to your complete lack of debating and rhetorical skills. Now, go have a few more ice cold ones, and don't stop 'til you hit 54. That's only 9 sixes, and from the genius you've displayed here, you've got to have 2 or 3 in you already. Oh, and have a nice day.

    • Yeah, let's all agree to just stick to racist remarks, schoolyard epithets, 'besttradingsiteever' spam, attacks on religious groups, fanciful prophecies of untold riches and/or imminent know, the stuff that made America the greatest country that ever was (puff, puff, aaahhh) - good stuff, man......

    • You have stumbled upon what you mistakenly thought was a BAC financial message board. Unfortunately, it is not.

      It is, however, open for any other topic of discussion you would like, with particular emphasis on the Iraq war, both pro and con, politics in general, as well as religious topics of any kind. Bad poetry and boring travelogs are also welcome, as well as daily diaries of your personal activities and medical history.

      DO NOT, however, post anything even remotely related to BAC or finance or the markets. Posting any kind of on-topic, BAC or finance or market related posts will get buried by the resident gang crap that has hijacked this forum.

      Of particualar annoyance lately has been yellowratchimp/gutlesswhatever/shockertoyounumber/blubbering_billy_idiot/the_idiot_foreigner, and its latest incarnation, chimpbushidiot. It has attempted to take over this forum for it's own particular brand of left-wing, anti-American propoganda. The only posters that read its crap are honourmydick/starswithoutbrains/rememberwhenihadalife, and libertydujour. As a matter of fact, they may very well be all the same poster, along with JoeKent, donut/fruitcake/prawndujour, stanluboffanynumberwilldo...(See The Theory of JoeKent and the Gang...)

      Consider yourself warned, and proceed at your own risk!

      This board is always, however, good for sarcasm & witticisms...

      Good luck.


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