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  • tiffinytl tiffinytl May 7, 2012 1:44 PM Flag

    democraps new strategy to bury adverse posts

    He was mainly just a follower of others choosing bad ways, habits, etc. He never could think on his feet, and it seemed he lacked a goal of becoming accomplished with a solid foundation focusing on the important things in life like family, providing, stability, children, and loyalty.
    He did watch sports way too much. But the lack of making his own path in life (or ours) turned me off not too long after. Then I found out he thought the world owed him a living. When he started playing the victim card, I knew right then and there he was not a good provider of substance. Turns out he believes the ability to provide and obtaining happiness come from being lazy. So he votes democrat.
    Yeah I picked a real winner, but thank GOD I realized it fast!

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    • I've seen them all too often with girlfriends of mine. You can pick the democrat follower men out of a crowd like glowing beacons. They all seem to be arrogant, dress like pimples and treat women like some kind of commodity. Their passing fads change like the sun. No outlook but having immature fun into their late 20's 30's and beyond. Can you say LOSER!? My girlfriends felt like their were changing diapers on these jerks mentally for them. Girl, you did good getting rid of the baby.

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