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  • gopsrsobs gopsrsobs Oct 3, 2012 9:55 AM Flag

    Mitt armed with Quiver full of Zingers!!

    Watch this #$%$-bag shoot himself on to his foot tonight

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    • I agree. Romney will self-destruct. I think Obama should not attack him at all. Or if he does, he should handle him with kid gloves. Just allow him... as Romney has no doubts while he delivers untruths with #$%$-sureness and knee-jerk reaction. The fact checkers will be at work and the media will point it out soon. Romney is reactive and sorely lacks deeper thinking and reflection when he knows 40 million folks are watching him... conditioning that is in his development and character makeup. However, Obama should be respectful... in behavior and through his body language. I never liked Al Gore's 'invading' into GWB space in their debate and voted for GWB- only once in 2000!

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      • Obama just needs to keep his eagerness to explain in check. State his position, and then lay off the nuts-and-bolts detailed explanations. Romney, on the other hand, needs to fill in a few details on what his latest shake of the Etch-a-Sketch has failed to display. ROTFLMAO why am I thinking of Muhammed Ali and the Rope-A-Dope strategy right now?

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