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  • bruga47 bruga47 Nov 23, 2012 8:57 AM Flag

    To all who post policial comments on this site

    Get the Hell off and find a life and a friend to talk about your worthless ideas. This site is about the Bank of America, which I might ad, is going to hit $10.10 a share today and $12.00 a share by Christmas. TraderX told me so from his cell in Federal Prison.

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    • You have stumbled upon what you mistakenly thought was a BAC financial message board. Unfortunately, it is not.

      It is, however, open for any other topic of discussion you would like, with particular emphasis on the Iraq war, both pro and con, politics in general, as well as religious topics of any kind. Bad poetry and boring travelogs are also welcome, as well as daily diaries of your personal activities and medical history.

      DO NOT, however, post anything even remotely related to BAC or finance or the markets. Posting any kind of on-topic, BAC or finance or market related posts will get buried by the resident gang crap that has hijacked this forum.

      Of particualar annoyance lately has been yellowratchimp/gutlesswhatever/shockertoyounumber/blubbering_billy_idiot/the_idiot_foreigner, and its latest incarnation, chimpbushidiot. It has attempted to take over this forum for it's own particular brand of left-wing, anti-American propoganda. The only posters that read its crap are honourmydick/starswithoutbrains/rememberwhenihadalife, and libertydujour. As a matter of fact, they may very well be all the same poster, along with JoeKent, donut/fruitcake/prawndujour, stanluboffanynumberwilldo...(See The Theory of JoeKent and the Gang...)

      Consider yourself warned, and proceed at your own risk!

      This board is always, however, good for sarcasm & witticisms...

      Good luck.


    • Agree with the sentiment. However I doubt it hits $10.10. Check the 20 day 30min chart. It tested the $10 area twice, then dove to the ~$9.50 area where it subesequently has gone on to do a bit of a reverse head-n-shoulders formation the right shoulder of which has lead into the recent sessions gains. But that same chart, via stoch's, is signaling an exhaustion of the buy some consolidation around this area ($9.85 to $9.90) is to be expected. IMHO, of course. For me I'll be happy see see it close around $9.90 on this holiday shortened session.

      Let's see how it plays out. Bid now $9.86.

      American Net'Zen

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Bruga you are correct .I am sorry for allowing the rednecks to fire me up. I pledge to only post about B of A news from now on.

    • Bravo! well said....get these loonies off the board. Now let's hope for a $10 jump today and let's see this puppy roll......12 by Christmas????

    • I agree. I have filed a complaint to Yahoo. Hopefully they will do the right thing for once. Good Luck to all the Longs.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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