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  • the_power_inyou the_power_inyou Nov 27, 2012 1:59 AM Flag

    Medicare was introduced as part of Social Security in 1965 original cost estimate: 12 billion over 26 years

    Want to guess what it actually cost? Almost 10 TIMES THAT, $110 billion. That was as of 1992. Now add $300 billion more to get to present day costs. So when you think you've got a great deal with your Obamacare, just remember how well Medicare worked out. And more importantly, remember that it's your kids and grandkids that are going to be buried under the crushing debt Obamacare will cause. But who gives a sh-- about the future right?

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    • Wrong dummy. Are you capable of envisioning a future without Medicare and Obamacare? It's not hard, just do some research on how things were BEFORE Medicare....and that is why we have it now and need it in the future. So yea, it needs careful nurturing, pruning, tweaking and consolidated SUPPORT to ensure it remains solvent and available. Same with SS, and the freakin' monstrous defense budget. Not undermining and sabotage by corporate apologists and their political idealogue lackeys who skim the cream off the country and act patriotic while squealing like stuck pigs when told to ANTE UP, ya pikers
      So dont act like you're the savior of the future, ya mook.

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