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  • the_power_inyou the_power_inyou Nov 28, 2012 12:15 AM Flag

    5 Questions Obama needs to answer before a Congressional Committee with C-Span cameras rolling

    1. Why was security removed from Benghazi during a significant escalation in violence an Al Qaeda activity?
    2. Why was it the only military support that came to defend the consulate the night of the attack were two Seals that had to disobey orders to be there?
    3. Why was there not an immediate air strike ordered on the attackers when you were witnessing real-time video of the attack?
    4. Why was the consulate not secured and searched for evidence after the attack?
    5. The day after witnessing the murders, how were you able to head to Las Vegas for a fundraiser party?

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    • Cameras roll?

    • 1. Answer: It wasn't, so #$%$
      2. Answer: That's classified..but the CIA will answer your quesiton, then shoot you.
      3. Answer: air strike on Libya civilians, indistinguishable from hostiles? To illustrate, an air strike is enroute to your location now.
      4. Answer: all US personnel had left, as any intelligent people would do. Too bad you weren't there to stick around with your stupid comments and accusations.
      5. Answer: MYOB and GFY. BTW, Mitt needs a Hummer..hop to it.

    • Excuse me I made a mistake it didn't start until around 5 not at 2

      1:30 a.m. -- A six-man security team from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli arrives in Benghazi.

      2:39 a.m. to 2:53 a.m. -- The National Military Command Center gives formal authorization for the deployment of the two special operations force teams from Croatia and the United States.

      5:15 a.m. -- Attackers launch assault on a second U.S. facility in Benghazi. Two former U.S. Navy SEALs acting as security contractors are killed. They are identified as Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

      6:05 a.m. -- A C-17 aircraft in Germany is told to prepare to deploy to Libya to evacuate the consulate personnel.

      7:40 a.m. -- The first wave of Americans are evacuated to Tripoli via airplane.

      10 a.m. -- A second group, including those killed in the attack, are flown to Tripoli.

      2:15 p.m. -- The C-17 departs from Germany for the flight to Tripoli.

      7:17 p.m. -- The C-17 leaves Tripoli with the American consulate personnel and the bodies of Stevens, Smith, Woods and Doherty.

      7:57 p.m. -- The U.S. special operations force team based in Croatia arrives at a staging base in Italy.

      8:56 p.m. -- One of the Marine anti-terrorist teams from Spain arrives in Tripoli.

      9:28 p.m. -- The U.S.-based special operations force team arrives at its staging base in Italy.

    • I'm going to explain to you once.
      1. Security was not removed
      September 11 (Events are listed using the time in Benghazi)

      9:42 p.m. -- Armed men begin their assault on the U.S. Consulate.

      9:59 p.m. -- A surveillance drone is directed to fly over the U.S. compound, but it is unarmed.

      10:32 p.m. -- The Office of the Secretary Defense and the Joint Staff are notified of the attack by the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon. "The information is quickly passed to Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey."

      11 p.m. -- Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey meet with President Obama at the White House where they discuss the unfolding situation and how to respond. The meeting had been previously scheduled.

      11:10 p.m. -- The surveillance drone arrives over the Benghazi facility.

      11:30 p.m. -- All surviving U.S. personnel are evacuated from the consulate. U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and State Department computer expert Sean Smith were killed in the initial assault.

      2. There were no seals killed that came to the attack on the Consulate. There were two contract employees who use to be Navy seals that were killed in the attack on the safe house at about 2 in the morning at a different location.

      3. The attack was over by the time the drone got to the site and you can't send bombers or artillery in on a situation like this. We do not have a declaration of war with the country of Libya and there were no clear targets. You could have destroyed the entire surrounding neighborhood and probably killed nothing but innocent civilians by the time those attacks were able to be mounted and it would have been a violation of international protocol.

      4. Who would you like to have secure the consulate after the attack? No forces were on site they were standing by in Croatia and Spain. The personnel were in the safe house and were evacuated.

      5. It was a campaign appearance not a fund raiser and the incident was over and nothing more for the president to do about it. He had made his decisions and it was in the hands of the state department, CIA and Military. Case closed.

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