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  • severlohhein severlohhein Nov 28, 2012 2:57 PM Flag

    The 1 % need the guilotine

    The US revolution 200 years after the France revolution.

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    • Tch, tch,'re putting the lie to libertydies who always asserts that only the republicans on this board are violent.
      Of course he'll continue to say it anyway......:)

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    • lying_teabag_sakkk_sukkker lying_teabag_sakkk_sukkker Jan 21, 2013 8:10 AM Flag

      What a great idea! But first, let them eat s*h*i*t*

    • I agree. Guilotine and french love, they are the only things that the French did well.
      Even French wine sucks. But I digress.
      Anyway, the US will need to order quite a few of them aforementioned guilotines to cut of 3 Million plus heads in a finite amount of time. And spare parts.......
      Suddenly, investing in guilotines makes sense.
      Who makes them?

    • Its not the 1% its job offshoring Americans find it hard to compete with slave labor, when the standard of living gets down to Chinese or Mexican level the slide will stop.

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      • Perhaps you need to advise our president to stop sending our money with his green jobs offshore.....not to speak of the cars......and they go offshore why? Because you want to work for $50/hr and buy goods made with 2$/hr labor, which only happens offshore. Support the companies, the few, that can supply the consumer and the wage-earner what they want, and no one will go offshore, there'd be no need.
        Or is it just partisan bickering you're after?
        I thought so.

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    • Let them eat s*h*i*t*.

    • Herein lies the Capitalist mode of production. It has 3 main elements;

      1) a dominant class (or caste) of entrepreneurs or "capitalists" who own productive resources (ie capital) and use them to generate commercial profits that sustain their lifeways. This amounts to the 1%.

      2) a class of people who, unlike peasants, have NO ACCESS TO PRODUCTIVE PROPERTY and can therefore support themselves only by selling their own labor power, thereby becoming wage earners or "proletarians." This is all the rest of the adult population.

      3) competitive markets that link these two groups through commercial exchanges governed by market forces rather than by legal or physical coercion as is so popular a mechanism in non-capitalistic systems. an idealized world, one much dreamed about by that 1%, elite groups consist mainly of capitalists, the rest of the population consists mainly of proletarians and most exchanges between the two pass through markets. In effect those who post here probably belong to that group who works for others and has little to no direct power. It's the Capitalist System, and it works fairly well so long as there's buy-in by all parties.

      The threat, popularly expressed here, is that the 1% will take their "ball" and go home if they feel overly taxed. I'd tend to agree but the argument falls flat when you consider current tax rates are well below historic norms already. Indeed, ~20 years ago we had a vibrant economy and taxes for them were hands down higher. Furthermore, the real risk is certain parties, the proletariat, will begin to feel justifiably aggrieved when they come around to the idea that the Capitalists, that 1%, are NOT pulling their weight in sharing the pain of the current situation. Bankers pulling down 6-7 figure bonuses while families are being turned out onto the streets is but one example. The proletariat could refuse to work, as a consequence, or...since they vastly outnumber the 1% choose to bring the system down around everyone's ears. A decidedly less pleasant outcome.

      The question the 1% recognize the jeopardy in their situation and hue back towards the middle course? Or will they wax philosophically like....Marie Antoinette and say let them eat cake, thus guaranteeing a similar outcome?

      Just thinkin'...

      American Net'Zen

      • 1 Reply to highlowsel
      • Nice! However, the 1% will never take their ball and go home...if so they might actually have to join the mass of the 'rank and vile' and get a job. And if they have funds they expect to live on, well those funds are very vulnerable in a desperate world with millions upon millions of VERY hungry people, who now have no jobs 'cause the 1% walked away. As the man once said..."be very afraid". Especially if you live in an ivory tower and are plump and well-fed.

    • Susan Rice and and her husband, Cameron are well off. They were worth between $23.5 million and $43.5 million in 2009, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

    • Right let it starts.

    • parisonr Nov 28, 2012 6:39 PM Flag

      I have many questions for you, are you an employer? Did you take a risk in your life, sign away rights to your home and assets if you failed? Did you employ people, give them above industry wages, full paid hospitilization and paid for everything? To make an idiotic statement like that is ridiculous! When the 1% walk away and say, I don't need this abuse, you can be without a job, can go on Obamacare and live your life in this bliss of the LOSERS!

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      • The 1% who engage in productive businesses will never ever walk away...and do you know why? Because they do not want to be in the position of the employed, indeed their very own employed. In other words, the 1% dont aspire and attain that level for such foolish notions as altuism, or civic responsibility, as you naively imply. Most do it for the lure or increase of wealth, or prestige. Often we see people driven to create, the Bill Gates-types, who would probably start businesses simply because they know they can do it better. Being a business owner is a privilege that should be appreciated to our society, not a 'revered' social class to which tributes and adulation is expected.

    • severiohheim - you are just a lazy deadbeat - get a job , support yourself for a change .!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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